Khaliman Republic

Jun 20  alkemy_the_game  

Global Presentation The Khaliman Republic is an elite faction. His game is very strategic, all choices are important and must be well calculated. The slightest wrong decision or activation can mean the loss of a miniature or a decisive advantage […]

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Walosi Clan

Jun 19  alkemy_the_game  

Global Presentation Clan Walosi includes all miniatures from the Toad Clan. This is a faction for players who like harassment and low blows. It focuses on two branches: mobile action miniatures with the Leaf skill and resistors with the Hemotoxic […]

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Cobra Guard

Jun 18  alkemy_the_game  

Global presentation The Cobra Guard is the sub-faction of the assassins of the Jade Triad. It is an elite sub-faction, fast, small, discreet and deadly. The Guard can use his discretion to play the scenario or its assassin skills to […]

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Kingdom of Avalon

Jun 17  alkemy_the_game  

Global Presentation The Kingdom of Avalon is a strange faction. It’s easy to start the game with it and its entry miniatures Garlan, Recruits, campaign Priest or Crossbowmen are easy to use. It must be said that the faction has […]

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Empire of Jade Triad

Jun 15  alkemy_the_game  

Global presentation The Empire of the Jade Triad is the main human nation of the game. As in the Aurloks, it is possible to build very versatile bands but without necessarily having the disadvantage of the sub number. The construction […]

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Jun 13  alkemy_the_game  

Global presentation The Templar concentrates in one sub-faction all the violence of the generic Avalon faction. Yet, depending on the chosen hero, the style of play can be very different. Where a troop built around Lotharius is destined primarily for […]

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Jun 12  alkemy_the_game  

Global presentation Utopia is the last faction out of the game with Naashtis. It excels in shooting and harassing. A large part of their miniatures have weapons of shooting or skills that can reduce the characteristics of the enemy miniatures. […]

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Jun 08  alkemy_the_game  

Global presentation The Naashtis are one of the last factions in the game. Versatile faction, it resembles the Aurlok Nation by its profiles quite generally expensive and quite categorizable. For the moment there are three main types of Naashtis miniatures […]

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Escapees of Penitentiary of the tooth

May 30  alkemy_the_game  

Global presentation The escapees are an elite faction made up of convicts and Khaliman prisoners. They ignore the Diplomatic Immunity of the Sheikh Khalimans. It is very limited in terms of choice of troops and heroes and is nevertheless a […]

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Waga clan

May 30  alkemy_the_game  

Global presentation The Waga Clan includes Aurloks affiliated with the auroch totem. These members are renowned for their robustness and combat violence. It is intended for players who love fast violence. The faction is nevertheless much more tactical than it […]

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