Three tribes of Aurlokan’s children

Three tribes of Aurlokan’s children

Sep 12 alkemy_the_game  


Barely escaped from the Triadic Army during the Alchemical War and then lost in the fringes of Mornea, three tribes of Aurlokan’s children sank into oblivion for all the other inhabitants of Mornea, including their former Aurlok brothers. Their tragic crossing of the arid lands at the east of Mornea before the endless Desert, and the tragedy of what will be called “The First Blood” have completely transformed those who will be called the Radosi since then. Their past has been obscured in favor of a survivalist, religious and militarist worldview. Their ordeals have also modified their appearance, making them more adapted to their new environment and their new mainspring. Their journey finally ends on a welcoming land, in the Oasis along the Darina, “The Great Fissure”. Their priority became to ensure their survival and thus to prepare for the inevitable invasion of the Jade army. Totally unaware of the end of the Alchemical War, they are convinced by the defeat and the extermination of the other people. They are developping with this certainty, fortifying the position of the Cults structuring their society.

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