Kingdom of Avalon

Kingdom of Avalon

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The Kingdom of Avalon is a strange faction. It’s easy to start the game with it and its entry miniatures Garlan, Recruits, campaign Priest or Crossbowmen are easy to use. It must be said that the faction has several advantages, such as aggression and resistance. Avalon’s style of play is based on a combination of inexpensive base troops and expensive elites, allowing him to have the numerical advantage almost invariably on his opponent. It is also possible to build his troop around the overcrowding to align only low cost units.

Play the overdrawn with the miniatures

This excess number has many uses. Except for the central parts, the losses are not really a problem for Avalon. The number brings a considerable advantage in the scenarios, compensating for the relative slowness of the faction and allowing acceptable sacrifices. The small troops, well used on the scenario, can force the adversary to advance or to play his miniatures very dispersed, allowing your troops to go face them separately.

Reinforce the resistant or offensive side of the miniatures

Looking more closely, we see that many other profiles of the faction have interesting and synergistic capabilities but require much more subtlety in their use. The Kingdom of Avalon has indeed some specificities. It is possible to play themed lists on one of these aspects, reinforcing the resistance or offensive side of the troop. The miniatures are also very synergistic between them, some profiles need to be associated with others to get the full potential, this is particularly the case of the Retarius. It is therefore very easy to transform an Avalonian troop into a strategic challenge, subtle and delicate to play but formidable if handled well.

Resistance and slowness of miniatures

While it may seem simple to play the Kingdom of Avalon, we must be wary of opponents who exploit the flaws of the faction. The miniatures play together and support each other. Except exception, it is very dangerous to play the miniatures alone. In short, as the saying goes: play subtil, play Avalonian !

Miniatures for an offensive army

Advantages: The Kingdom of Avalon has serious assets. On the one hand, it is a resistant army. It aligns indeed many references to 9 Life Points or more, while being a great specialist Tough skill, present naturally or via alchemy. It is also a very offensive army, with some of the most violent brutes of the game and Brutal Expert, present in several profiles. His elite troops are among the best of the game in their respective specialty.

Weaknesses: Aside from Combat, the Kingdom of Avalon has some of the lowest movement, defense, reflex, and spirit characteristics in the game, so they are especially afraid of shooting and alchemy, and are often forced to hit second when fights. The elites are also quite expensive in points. Finally, the Kingdom of Avalon is not a specialist in alchemy. The latter is almost exclusively defensive and the formulas are very expensive to launch and improve. They also do not have an alchemist from the Inner Circle.

The heroes miniatures from the Kingdom of Avalon

Knight-Legat Garlan de Brall

GarlanGarlan is the main brute of the faction. It aligns resistance, high combat value and scary damage table. To maximize its damage it is always more interesting to charge and put multiple attacks on the same target. His four Action Points give him a very large radius of threat. As a result, the opponent will not be able to avoid it and will try to shoot it down first. It is therefore to protect, under penalty of seeing his hero and main offensive force disappear.

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Prioress Caelina of the Abbey of Matins

CaelinaThe alchemist Caelina has the art to create around her an armored bunker that no one wants to attack. In addition to providing the Coriace/1 see /2 Skill to allies, it can also make this skill very aggressive! Between her formulas and her special abilities, Caelina is an excellent leader and one of the most resilient of the game, if she is well surrounded. Compulsory to play grouped around it, it is necessary to build the troop with care under penalty of seeing the opponent to ignore it purely and simply.

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Deacon Leodegarius

LeodegariusLeodegarius has one of the best cost-points / action points ratios in the game. It’s still tricky to use. His first formula increasing the damage of allies is to use as often as possible. His second, though powerful, is trickier to play because it involves the sacrifice of an allied miniature. With a good defense and an ability to transfer injuries, he is tough enough to play the scenario, but not without support!

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Knight-Errant Mordren from Klarmen

MordrenSeemingly inefficient, Mordren actually has a very subtle profile. He has significant assets over other Avalon heroes. On the one hand, he is an excellent leader because he has the best values of Spirit, Reflexes and Defense of the faction. His special abilities also make him very versatile, adaptable to many situations (resistance, movement …). It will nevertheless require more finesse of play than these confreres.

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Berac’h the Jailor

Berach40 points of resistance and hardship. Berac’h, despite its weak statistics has a very developed nuisance capacity. The combination of Long Reach and Entangle rules make it a leech for opposing troops that will be hard to leave. It is not left at the level of resistance, combining another very effective combination: Tough and Frightened. His only fault is size: he will always throw red dice. And it’s not expensive paid for such a profile!

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Constable Lotharius of the Temple of Vespers

LothariusLast member of the trio of heroes with three Action Points for 40 points, Lotharius is specialized in the attack. Of a correct defense, proper to the Knights Templar, he is a machine to inflict wounds! Thanks to his Expert: Brutal and his high table of damage it will almost certainly touch. He associates himself effectively with the Templar novices to whom he provides the Expert: Brutal, transforming them into a significant threat for all opposing models.

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The alchemist miniatures from the Kingdom of Avalon

Collector Monk of the Temple

Collector Monk of the TempleThe Collector Monk differs totally from the classic role of an alchemist because he is a very honest fighter able to easily confront base troops or to finish wounded. He and his close allies ignore the malus dice, extra reason to bring him closer to the fighting. His formulas are used to increase the aggressiveness of the allies through the granting of the Expert: X skill or bonus dice. Alchemy and combat must be played together!

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Avalonian Priest

Avalonian Priest » width=Where the Collector Monk is offensive, the Avalonian Priest is defensive. His formulas protect allies with the Tough skill and threaten automatic damage to opponents who approach them too closely. Because of its deterrent aspect, it is a target of choice for the opponent. Its ability to allow an ally to perform a free action also allows unexpected combinations or turnarounds for the opponent!

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Troops of the Kingdom of Avalon

Avalonian recruits

Recruits » width=As the cheapest miniatures of the game, you should not expect much. And yet … Despite the weakest features of the game, the Avalon recruits are nonetheless fighters quite honest for their cost and having a nice table of damage. They often provide the excess number to the rest of the troop.

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Avalonian bushwackers

Avalonian bushwackersThe bushwackers are very similar to recruits because of their low cost and characteristics. However, they are more scenario oriented because of their increased movement. Poor combatants, however, they have a short-range fire weapon with low damage that can nevertheless surprise if they are used simultaneously on the same opponent by several touts.

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Avalonian crossbowmen

Avalonian crossbowmenTerrible and feared, the Crossbowmen are among the best fencers in the game in terms of damage inflicted, despite a profile similar to the Recruits and an average shooting skill. The ability to align two on the same profile cards and thus activate them simultaneously makes them particularly dangerous for any target.

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Templar Novices

Templar NovicesThe most expensive base troop in the kingdom of Avalon, the Novice brings the valuable skill Range, the only troop of the faction to possess, and has a very good damage table for a base troop. It provides a better base for the Kingdom of Avalon and is the base of the troops of the Templar sub-faction.

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Avalonian retiarius

Avalonian retiariusAn intermediate elite troop, the Retiarius is the only landing between the low-cost base troops and the beloved Avalonian elites. This is a very painful troop, able to paralyze and scare the opposing models, by inflicting several dice in their jets. This greatly diminishes their effectiveness and allows the Reticiate to fight very effectively.

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Elite miniatures of the Kingdom of Avalon

Avalonian pilgrim

Avalonian pilgrimDespite very low stats for an elite troop, Pilgrim possesses the best defensive skills in the game. Coupled with his Guard skill, he can provide protection for any ally or play the scenario by receiving adverse charges. Supported by alchemy to increase his resistance, he can become the defensive pivot of the troop.

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Knight errant

Knight errantThe Knight errant is the most versatile elite troop in the Kingdom of Avalon. Correct fighter with good resistance, it becomes very painful if supported by an alchemist. His resistance allows him to effectively play the scenario, to hold a position, or to go face basic troops without fear. Beware, however, of enemy elite troops!

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Avalonian Templar

Avalonian TemplarThe Templar represents the elite fighter of the Kingdom of Avalon. Limited by its 2 Action Points, which is cheap for its price, it still has excellent statistics for an Avalonian. He also relies on specialized close combat skills that compensate for his reduced range of action. He makes a formidable hunter of elites or scary action miniatures.

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Avalonian Colossus

Avalonian ColossusBrutal, resistant, not very subtle and stupid, here is how to describe the Colossus. He focuses all the violence and resistance of Avalon in his profile, able to eliminate most of the enemy miniatures in a well placed attack! However, be careful with its very weak characteristics and its immunity to effects and allied formulas that make it a target of choice for anything that is attack from afar or that cancels the protections.

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