Watanka The Venerable

Watanka The Venerable

Aug 27 alkemy_the_game  

Long awaited by the players, it’s quite a symbol that appears… Watanka is a hero of the Aurlok Nation, and a character from the Lodge. Endowed with 9 life points, 9 in SPIrit, 3 in REFlex, 4 in COMbat, 10 in DEFENSE, with his 3 AP, he is very versatile and will be able to do a lot of things on the game.

More tough than he looks …

It does not look like that, we could think it fragile, it is not so. He has the Tough skill that allows him to reduce DAMmages he will suffer, always reduced by 1, with a minimum of 1

And a furtive look too!

As if the Tough was not enough, he also has the Stealth skill that will allow him to deploy once all other miniatures are deployed. It will be 4 inches or less to charge attack, and it will always have a cover on the shots.

It’s not just a vision of the mind …

His personal competence is Vision of the Mind. Once per round, he can designate a miniature 9 inches away from him (SPIrit range). If it’s an enemy model, it can not be covered during the round or benefit from the stealth ability if it has it. If it a friendly miniature, it acquires Stealth for the round. If it already has the skill, it can no longer be the target of the shots.

Hit 3 shots!

With its morphology of old man, his owl on the shoulder, we feel that the character is old, but be careful, if you want to fight with him, he will defend himself with a DAMmages table (223344) well stronger than some little kids 🙂