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The Naashtis are one of the last factions in the game. Versatile faction, it resembles the Aurlok Nation by its profiles quite generally expensive and quite categorizable. For the moment there are three main types of Naashtis miniatures to which are added more classic profiles or which are not attached to any of them.

• The Ouroboros (miniatures whose name ends in “Oros”) are characterized by great resistance but a characteristic of Spirit, and to a lesser extent of Reflexes, quite low. Their back plates allow them to temporarily reduce or cancel the damage. This makes them formidable at the beginning of the game but they will hold more difficult shock in the long run. Dorsal Plates prevent them from running which delays their impact on movement scenarios.

• Autoscrews are very specialized low-cost models (they have only one task or possible action: to play the scenario, to attack etc …). Their main advantage is to allow Naashtis to play in excess. However, it is necessary to protect the Autoscrews Controllers. Without these, the Autoscrews will be inoperative.

• Miniatures playing on profile cards and damage tables. These miniatures are very unpredictable for the opponent. They often have melee and combat card abilities, such as being able to attack two opponents simultaneously or choose between two combat cards. Their damage tables are very irregular so the unpredictability of the damage will be for the player and not just for the opponent.

Delicate miniatures to play

By the different approaches it may have, the Naashti faction will appeal to players who like to vary their troop compositions and surprise the opponent. It is a faction more delicate to take in hand than it seems but can face any type of opponent without much fear. It is also possible to create very thematic troops.

Advantages: The strength of Naashtis is their versatility. Each troop or hero can have several utilities. It is possible to play populate with the Autoscrews, resistant with the Ouroboros, to be unpredictable with the troops at tables of atypical damage or to mix everything. In short, there are many combinations and combo to achieve between several skills or several miniatures. Also Naashtis miniatures play a lot on the interactions between them. For example, their size 3 is fairly average but with the right reinforcements and good interactions, it can become very ugly for the opponent. If they are well exploited, the two main characteristics of the faction (the Ouroboros and Autoscrews) can decide a game while bringing a certain game challenge.

Weaknesses: Despite this great versatility, Naashtis suffer from several recurring defects. First, they are relatively slow. No movement exceeding 4/6/10 (except for the Autoscrews) and restriction of race among the Ouroboros make a Naashti troop will be slow to advance and unfold, and will be able to suffer against faster troops. Past the Ouroboros and some other references, the Naashtis, and more particularly the central pieces like the heroes or the alchemists, are rather fragile. Their weak defense and their number of average Life Points make them very vulnerable to fire. The Naashtis are finally the privileged targets of the opposing alchemy which will take advantage of the weak spirit of the Ouroboros to reach the other miniatures.

The hero miniatures of the Naashti faction

Dar-Meh’Ki, vigil of Chim~Eth

Dar MekhiOuroboros Naashti Hero, Dar-Mek’hi is a fighter with 3 Action Points, heavily defended by his Dorsal Plates. His special rule allowing him to attack anyone who ends a move close to him for free. This gives him a very significant threat radius. So it must be judiciously placed because in addition to melee damage, it is able to influence the opponent’s placement. Its use is therefore much more tactical than it seems.

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Sul Koor’z, chief experimentalist of Bè~Eth

Sul KoorzSul~Koor’z is a particular alchemist hero. It has indeed the role of protecting its allies from the enemy shots, great weakness of the Naashtis. His high defense, his first formula as well as his ability forcing opponents to target him make it a shooting magnet very difficult to hit. He will take advantage of his four Action Points to play the scenario or use his second formula, which allows to inflict damage at a distance whose violence depends on his level of concentration.

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Bey~Saa’s, E’Dhu~Egir of Al~Eph

Bey SaanSimilar to Khabircheick Khaliman, Bey~Saa’s is hard to attack and depending on his faction, the opponent will often prefer to put his resources elsewhere than risk wasting Action Points on him. The least expensive hero of the game and not able to inflict damage, its usefulness is only to play the scenario and to make benefit near allies of the bonus of +1 in Combat that it grants. His biggest weakness is the enemy remote attacks.

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Nas~Far’k, defender of Dal~Eth

Hero of size 3 while power, Nas~Far’k plays on the forced interactions with the opposing miniatures. He can force them to attack or push them several inches away. He can disrupt opponent placements while doing his job of slugger with his high Combat and his good table Damage. Like most Naashtis, he fears ranged attacks.

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Ssa~Kar’s, building companion

Ssa KarzSsa~Kar’s is a hero doubled by a controller of Autoscrews. His good damage table, as well as his improved Lanyard allows him to be a serious threat for any opponent and he can thus accompany other miniatures while remaining in the background, ready to finish the wounded miniatures. It must nevertheless be played delicately and be supported (ideally by Autoscrews), because it remains very fragile for a hero for Close Combat.

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The alchemist miniatures of the Naashti faction

Master of Water-Lightning

Master of Water-LightningThe Master of Water-Lightning is an alchemist playing on the template stance. He can use his two formulas to set patterns on the field, which will inflict damage to any model (except himself) that will cross them or be in their areas. It can easily lock a passageway or create a threat zone on a target. The placement of the templates will be calculated judiciously.

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Aros ThèAlchemist minor, the Aros~Thè is very fragile and will therefore be particularly protected. His unique formula allows him to copy the generic abilities of opponents and transfer them to allied miniatures. This opens up vast strategic opportunities, allowing the enemy’s forces to return against him. He can turn allied miniatures into real monsters.

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The basic troop miniatures of the Naashti faction

Naa Trooper of Al~Eph

Naa Trooper » height=Base troop at the very particular damage table, his main interest is to be able to attack up to two Action Miniatures with a single Action Point, at the cost of a Combat feature decrease. It is an excellent solution against the populated troops, often made up of low defense miniatures. It is always more interesting to take the initiative of the attack than to let the opponent come.

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Saber Naa of Zay~Hin

Saber NaaSecond Naashti base troupe, the Naa Sabreur is quite special because it has an excellent defense characteristic. His damage table is atypical in line with that of the Trooper, and allows him to easily do good damage. It is therefore perfect to complete figurines started by his allies or to play the scenario in the midst of wounded enemy troops.

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Waw~Our’os of Chim~Eth

Waw ourosWaw~Ouros is an extremely violent shooter. Very good damage coupled with a high firing value make it able to be threatening at short and medium range for any opponent. They also have the ability to perform two shots instead of one for the same Action Point, using just dice of his lower health status. This allows him to adapt his shot according to the opposing lists.

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Sidh~Our’os of Chim~Eth

Sidh ourosThe Sidh~Our’os are the guards of the Naashti faction. With their armor, they are very resistant by being also quite honest fighters. They are ideal to accompany the most fragile elements of the faction. Be careful though, they can only use their Guard skill on Naashtis and not on other Ouroboros.

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Sentinel of Mem~Eth

Sentinel of Mem EthBasic Naashti troop with average characteristics, it especially has the use of being a Controller of Autoscrews, which it will accompany in the field. It plays particularly well with Fighting Autoscrews, playing the scenario while the latter occupy the enemy miniatures and protect it.

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fighting autoscrewAutoscrews are low cost miniatures for a specific task. They can only be activated by drawing from a stock of Action Points available in some Naashtis within reach, called Autoscrew Controllers. They replace Naashtis on specific tasks such as scenario or combat and ensure a certain numerical superiority. Be careful, however, to protect the controllers!
Autoscrews Mines can bury permanently during their activation to explode when the player wishes and inflict automatic damage to the surrounding miniatures. The Autoscrews Autonomes are the only Autoscrews to be able to play the scenario whereas Fighting Autoscrews are intended exclusively to attack the adversary.

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The elite miniatures of the Naashti faction

Klaph~Our’os of Chim~Eth

Klaph ourosThe Klaph~Our’os form the elite group of Naashtis. Resistant and good fighters thanks to their high damage, they can face any type of opponents. Benefiting from improved Backplates, they will always keep one at a minimum, making them more resistant than the other Ouroboros, but depriving them of Race. Like the other Ouroboros, they are very sensitive to alchemy.

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Choker of Dal~Eth

Choker of Dal EthSize 3 miniature cheap, although a little slow, the Choker is a miniature capable of inflicting heavy damage. Its strength comes mainly from its ability to suffocate. This ability allows him to neutralize an opponent without fear of retaliating or mitigating the number of miniatures he fights. Thus he can face the elite as well as the base troops. It must however be played delicately because of its very weak defense, which makes it vulnerable to any type of attack.

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