A new gameplay for Cobra Guard

A new gameplay for Cobra Guard

Mar 09 alkemy_the_game  
Nouveau Starter de la Garde Cobra

With the arrival of the 2 silences, a new Starter Cobra Guard emerges from the shadows. It is made up of the hero Chen Sze, the Disciple of the Black Cloud who sees his profile revised, the Collector of Knowledge with his profile also revised, a shadow, a whisper and a silence.

A hero miniature with extraordinary statistics

Chen Sze, hero 3 AP, it combines skills: Leap (which allows you to go over a scenery set or a miniature), Stealth (you have to be 4 inches or less to charge attack it), Armor-Piercing (it ignores Tough skill), and Opportunistic (it can play immediately after a shadow or a whisper is played). Crazy values: REF 7 COM 7 DEF 11 and a DAM table (454332) which calls the fast or normal combat cards.

An alchemist miniature that moves enemies

The Disciple of the School of the Black Cloud, alchemist 2 AP, it has the Alchemy of Shadows which allows to have an additional level of concentration when it concentrates glued to a scenery set, and it can move enemy miniatures with her formula Distraction.

Murdering miniature that kills quickly

The Shadow of the Cobra Guard, elite troop 2 AP, Stealth and Leap, REF 6, COM 5 and DEF 11, a DAM table (533221) with 5 sword-sword, the queen of the quick combat card. In 2 AP, it can kill the vast majority of enemy models.

A miniature equipped with a dart

The whisper of the Cobra Guard, elite troop 2 AP, Stealth (see Chen Sze), it shoots with his dart up to 15 inches, Marksman 1 (it ignores the cover once per turn if an enemy miniature is in combat with an allied miniature or if it is 1 inch or less behind a scenery set) and has Poisoned Weapons (an injured miniature will have 1 dice penalty on all rolls for the turn).

An exceptional miniature for scenarios

The Knowledge Collector, elite troop 3 AP. It has Concealment which allows it to be Stealth when in contact with a scenery set. Thanks to the Leak, it can move for free by 2 inches before being charged or shot. With Espionage, when an enemy completes an action that interacts with a scenario objective, and if it is within the Collector’s Mind, the latter can perform a marching action for free.

A noiseless miniature

Silence, troop 2 AP. It too has the Concealment skill, as does the Knowledge Collector. It also has the Environmental Fusion skill which allows it, at the start or at the end of a walk or a run, and when in contact with a scenery set, to be able to place itself at another place this. In a way, it can go through a scenery set.