Cobra Guard

Cobra Guard

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The Cobra Guard is the sub-faction of the assassins of the Jade Triad. It is an elite sub-faction, fast, small, discreet and deadly. The Guard can use his discretion to play the scenario or its assassin skills to attack the opponent, but very difficult both at the same time. They relies heavily on their supporters like the Alchemist or Whispers to facilitate the work of the fighters, and quickly kill any target. He must attack these last one by one and not to disperse on pain of seeing his miniatures fall on more resistant than they.

Placement, order and activation of miniatures

Playing the Cobra Guard requires, more than any other faction, an orderly placement, order and activation choice. You have to play carefully and wait for the right moment to hit. The choice between attack and scenario is sometimes very complicated and facing a versatile opponent can easily achieve both, win will be a real challenge.

Discretion and stealth

Advantages: The Cobra Guard plays on stealth and quick attacks to win his games. All miniatures have the Stealth skill, partially protecting them against shots and distant charges. It also relies on the rapid attacks of its many killers to undermine the enemy miniature. His elite troops have indeed a high Reflex feature as well as the ability to quickly inflict damage. Alone or in pairs, members of the Guard use these devices to attack each opponent separately before disappearing or passing to the next opponent. The miniatures also have a movement high enough, allowing them to put a threat at a distance without being within range of their opponents.

Weaknesses: The main weak point of the Cobra Guard is its resistance. Indeed, despite a generally good defense characteristic, his troops have very little Health Points. If it does not finish quickly, it will be defeated. It is also a very small sub-faction. Also, Cobra Guard has many difficulties to face populous armies that can drown them in numbers or too aggressive.

Heroes miniatures for Cobra Guard

Chen Sze

Chen SzeChen Sze is the murderous heroine of the Jade Triad and Cobra Guard. It is an excellent fighter and aligns with the game’s best Reflex and Fight abilities. Its ability to activate just after a Shadow or Whisper is strategically very powerful, allowing her to complete an opponent or break through the storyline. Its three Action Points and its small number of Health Points make it fragile however and requires to play it carefully.

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Alchemists miniatures for Cobra Guard

Disciple of Black Wind

Disciple of Black WindThis alchemist with the unique formula has a good mobility, playing on the sets and his Stealth to improve his placement. Its formula improves the defense characteristics of the allies as well as the effects of the Stealth skill. It offers a renewed resistance and security for its allies, a key element in an extremely fragile faction.

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Troop miniatures for Cobra Guard


The Haze are the basic troops of the Cobra Guard. With a relatively weak profile, they rely primarily on Stealth to be able to play the scenario safely, leaving the threat of combat to the other miniatures of the sub-faction. Their low cost makes that a pair of Hazes can replace a Shadow or Whisper and thus avoid the chronic sub-number of the sub-faction.


ShadowsAssassins of the Jade Triad and the Cobra Guard, the Shadows are formidable fighters, furtive and deadly. With excellent reflex value and a reverse damage table, they are specialists in the Rapid Attack Combat Card. So they attack very often first, inflicting heavy damage. However, be careful with their very small number of Health Points, which requires choosing the targets carefully.

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WhispersThe Whispers are the other assassins of the Triad and the Cobra Guard, specialized them in the attack at a distance. They are the best shooters in the game, combining great strength and high damage. Their Stealth offers protection that compensates for the short range of their weapon. Tailored to play first, they inflict wounds and penalties on injured opponents to allow the allies to come and finish them.

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Elite miniatures for Cobra Guard


Elite troop of the Cobra Guard, the Wraith is a murderer for the particular use. It has the ability to activate in the middle of the activation of an opposing model. This allows him to intercept an alchemist before he throws a formula or to prevent an opposing model from fleeing with a goal. Strategically very powerful, this ability must nevertheless be used with delicacy, given the limited power of the Wraith.

Collector of knowledge

Troupe with three Action Points, the Collector of Knowledge is exclusively focused on the scenario. His ability to be invisible and unassailable when stuck to a setting (which will manage the placement) allows him to get closer, to play the scenario to return to hide. He must never be attacked, his weak characteristics leaving him little chance of survival.

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