Survival, fight, blood and fire

Survival, fight, blood and fire

Sep 12 alkemy_the_game  


Rados is a matriarchal society with slavery trends and shaped around four pillars, coming from their bloody origin, each one associated to one of the four major Cults of their religion: survival, fight, blood and fire. Each individual is following a main pillar, but does not neglect the others, and around each pillar an important sect has developped. Cycles have passed and the feared predicted invasion late to come, until it become a myth, the Radosi feel more and more hemmed in their Oasis. Rumors spread by those who dared crossing the borders describe a universe which totally contradicts with what is commonly accepted by the Radosi people and with the propaganda of the government and the Matriarch. These rumors slowly open the eyes of the Radosi on the world: other people have survived the Alchemical War…

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