Spume apprentice for Utopia

Dec 14  alkemy_the_game  

A new alchemist enters the faction of Irmao’s Utopia, he is the Spume Apprentice. With only 22 points for recruitment, he will do a lot of things at stake. Average statistics, REFlex 3, COMbat 3, DEFense 10, a table of […]

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Litam Bint Sorhna, Summoner of the Sorority

Dec 14  alkemy_the_game  

She is the first heroine for the sub-faction Sorority and Fadela. 4 AP, a REFlex of 6, DEFense of 12, COMbat 2, a table of DAMmages of alchemist, his role is obviously not to fight. She will start the game […]

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Toh R’ok, hero for Waga Clan

Dec 13  alkemy_the_game  

It is an emblematic miniature that reinforces the Waga Clan. He is a hero, and a great hero! This beautiful miniature, sculpted for the 10 years of the game by Allan Carrasco, is just as appealing for the game! A […]

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Nas-Far’k, becoming of a high size hero

Oct 28  Guillaume Monnot  

New Naashti hero, Nas-Far’k is a particular hero in many ways! First, it’s a size 3 hero, enough rare something in the game to be underlined. Then, he is a hero with 4 AP, the second in Naashti faction and […]

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The Winds Warriors of Crow Clan: a song to discretion

Oct 16  Guillaume Monnot  

The Aurlok Nation is renowned for the versatility and diversity of its troops. Resistance, fight and scenario players are all talents that can be found in the base troops of this faction. Among veteran troops after the ferocious Warrior-Totem Auroch […]

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T’oh Rok sculpture by Allan Carrasco

Sep 19  alkemy_the_game  

We talked earlier about T’oh Rok, the incredible hero of the Waga Clan. For the 10 years of the game, we appealed to Allan Carrasco to make this sculpture. The miniature will be part of a pledge “novelties” or will […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: Triadic Emissary for scenario book

Sep 18  alkemy_the_game  

The triadic emissary will be the first miniature offered to contributors. It will be used for scenario book. It took time and numerous clashes so that the Celestials of the Wan Moon perceive all the interest of a corporation like […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: Sanctified Alchemist

Sep 16  alkemy_the_game  

The alchemist for the Avalonian sub-faction, the sanctified. Common statistics for an alchemist, 7 in Spirit, 3 in Reflex, 3 in Combat, he still has 10 life points. Its particularity is going to be in its competence “blood of sap”, […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: Toh R’ok for Waga Clan, sculpted by Allan Carrasco

Sep 14  alkemy_the_game  

Warning ! A heavyweight hero comes in Waga Clan! Toh R’ok costs 50 points, 4 AP, a Defense of 8, a Combat of 6, a monstrous DAM table: 3 4 4 5 6 7, he cumulates leader (he always throws […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: Miniatures for Starter box

Sep 13  alkemy_the_game  

Six miniatures for Khaliman Republic: Araoui, Sorhna oracle, 1 ghulam, 2 jarayas and 1 meharist. A blitz list led by the terrible Araoui, which can be played in two ways: in “diplomat” mode to play scenarios, it will be difficult […]

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