Walosi Clan

Walosi Clan

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Clan Walosi includes all miniatures from the Toad Clan. This is a faction for players who like harassment and low blows. It focuses on two branches: mobile action miniatures with the Leaf skill and resistors with the Hemotoxic skill. As with the Aurlok faction, it is possible to create a multi-purpose troupe composed of a mix of the two branches or to focus its troupe on one or the other of the branches. Regardless of the option chosen, playing a Walosi band will require skill, rigor in placement and will require the best use of each of the abilities of the miniatures. In short, it is a delicate sub-faction to control, which requires either expert hands or a great perseverance.

Advantages: surprise and evasion. The Walosi Clan, if well maneuvered is very complex to face. Its members, in spite of their characteristics of Defense and Low Reflexes, are very difficult to attack and to kill and cash and dodge very well. He is also able to turn things around thanks to his alchemists, allowing the whole group to hit hard and very quickly. Other unique skills such as Mutagenic Metabolism and hives will be real thorns for the opponent. It’s up to you to exploit them at best.

Weaknesses:All the Walosi synergy rely on key miniatures, including alchemists and supporters. Losing them would put the player in a very delicate situation. The Walosi Clan also requires a highly calculated investment to best exploit each of its specificities.

Heroes miniatures of Walosi Clan

Tanka Wanka

Tanka WankaTanka Wanka or the hero with funny game effects. This hero can suffer from comparison with other heroes but have significant advantages. It has the Long Reach skill, unique in the Aurloks but also the ability to stabilize his dice rolls by always throwing at least one white dice! Being a good fighter at a lower cost, he is quite qualified to lead Aurloks or Walosi in battle!

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Red eyes Ca’apiti

CaapitiCa’apiti is distinguished by his good Defense and Reflex characteristics for a member of the Toad Clan. It is also distinguished by its adaptability and versatility thanks to its capacity Toxic Batrachians. The latter allows him to benefit from a bonus, in combat, movement or defense. It can easily adapt to all situations and reverse a part at the last moment!

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Tha’pioca Franche Panse

TapiocahTha’pioca is the best-priced Aurlok hero for a four-action action miniature! Not having a Critical State and counting on a very large number of HP, it can devote itself without restriction to strike its adversaries thanks to its excellent table of damages and to a zone of threat extended with its four Action Points. It must be played together with other miniatures to overcome its weak defense!

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Pitekica, Toad Spirit Shaman of Ostiliha

PitekicaPitekica is an alchemist with particular use. His two formulas are very targeted focusing on miniatures with Lead or Hemotoxic skill, so that the troop must be intelligently thought around him and rely on optimal placement. Well used, it will turn into wound for the opponent, allowing many low shots and strategic opportunities such as free travel or the invulnerability of some miniatures!

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Alchemist Miniature of Walosi Clan

Toad Medicine shaman

Medicine ShamanThe Medicine Shaman is a very versatile alchemist. He can, according to his formulas, be at the same time an excellent defensive profile as offensive. His special ability and his first formula allow him to absorb or heal his allies. He may also inflict by his second formula damage depending on his state of health. The more he is injured, the more dangerous he will be for your opponent.

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Miniatures troops for Walosi Clan

Toad Thunder Warriors

Toad Thunder WarriorsThe Thunder Warriors constitute the basic troop. At a cost of 18 points, they have their specialty: resistance for toads and hemotoxic, allowing to inflict damage as soon as they are injured.

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Toad Hive-Throwers

Toad Hive-ThrowersHive Throwers are support troops that allow a limited number of hive to be placed on the field. Miniatures approaching too close will have to take the damage due to bee stings! Be careful, however, not to touch the allies! A support of choice for the Aurlok Nation and the Walosi Clan, allowing the control of the ground.

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Toad Wind Warriors

Toad Wind WarriorsExclusive Second troop for Walosi Clan, Wind-Warriors are a counterpart for Thunder-Warrior, focused on movement, sacrificing a few Health Points and Hemotoxic Ability. Faster, cheaper and with the Leaf capacity, they are the perfect fast troops of the sub-faction.

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Elite miniatures of Walosi Clan

Horned Sentinel

Horned SentinelElite troop Walosi clan, horned sentinels are atypical at first sight but very offensive if they are well played. They reach their full potential in a wounded state, with a special boot and no critical state. Supported effectively by alchemy, they become formidable!

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