Silences make a big noise

Silences make a big noise

Mar 09 alkemy_the_game  
Les deux silences pour la Garde Cobra

Two miniatures join the Cobra Guard: Silences. Each costs 23 points, has 8 life points (3 white / 3 yellow / 2 red). In terms of characteristics, they have MInd 7, REFlex 4, COMbat 3, DEFense 10, 2 action points, movements in 5/7/12 (walk / charge / run) and a DAMage table in the average (222334).

A miniature that plays with the scenery set

Silences have the Environmental Fusion skill, which allows them to cross a scenery set at the beginning or at the end of a movement action. Thus, at the beginning or at the end of a walk or a run, if they are in contact with a scenery set, they can be replaced in another place of the scenery set. A great tactical advantage to exploit on many scenarios, to move quickly or to arrive faster on a target. It will thus be necessary to position the sets well during the stage placement stage to take full advantage of this skill.

A miniature that hides and becomes stealthy

In addition to the Environmental Fusion, Silences benefit from the Concealment competence. As long as they are stuck to a scenery set, thanks to this skill, they become Stealthy. The Stealth skill allows them to be considered covered if they are the target of a shot, and they will have to be 4 inches or less to charge them, otherwise the attacker will miss his charge. Again, it will take full advantage of the scenery set and remain hidden.