Waga clan

Waga clan

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The Waga Clan includes Aurloks affiliated with the auroch totem. These members are renowned for their robustness and combat violence. It is intended for players who love fast violence. The faction is nevertheless much more tactical than it seems. It is indeed necessary to play effectively on the supports and the psychological threats. The placement will be particularly important for most profiles. If the sub-faction is easy to handle, it is less obvious to seize its full potential.

Advantages: There is only one, but size! They hit hard! All Waga Clan miniatures strike like elites from other factions, including support miniatures. Thus, you should never be afraid to send his action miniatures. The range of support effects will always be optimal. The Waga clan also plays a lot on the psychological impact it has on the opponent who may be reluctant to advance and expose himself.

Weaknesses: The Waga Clan has two major weak points. On the one hand, the high cost of all the miniatures in the component requires him to play sub-number compared to his opponent. Then, no miniature exceeds the 9 in Defense. The Aurochs are very sensitive to anything that will inflict damage. Only the Tough ability, owned by all Clan members, limits the damage. They are therefore very much afraid of overcrowding, alchemy and Armor Piercing ability. The Aurochs, despite appearances, are therefore a relatively fragile faction.

Heroes miniature for Waga Clan

Woa Wa’ayake

Woa WayakeStill a good fighter and resistant enough, like all members of the Waga Clan. It is especially a support of choice and must be closer to her troops. It enhances the effects of the Rain-Dancer, offers free reactivations to the Totem Warriors, or facilitates the awakening of the Manitou Warrior. Although it may be tempting to send it to the front, it must nevertheless play carefully, as the effects it brings can be important.
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Toh R’ok

Toh R’ok is the latest heavyweight Clan Waga. It is fully focused on attack thanks to his high Combat feature and his huge damage table. His four Action Points and his Tough / 2 make it a threat that can occur alone anywhere on the table! It becomes more aggressive when she is in critical condition. Be careful, however, of his small defense, the weakest of the game, making the slightest attack on him touch him. It can therefore easily bend under the number.

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Auroch Rain-Dancer Horn and drum

Auroch Rain-DancerAuroch Rain-Dancer are support troops for other fighters. They bring bonuses to allies or penalties to opponents within range. The Rain-Dancer Horn will force the opponent to use lower health dice of all these miniatures in range. The one with the drum forces the allies within range, to use a CC of attack with a bonus dice! In addition, they are also good fighters with good resistance so that they are not afraid to end up in Close Combat.

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Waga Thunder Warrior

Waga Thunder WarriorThe Waga Thunder Warrior is the basic troop of his clan. He is in the same lineage as his fellow Waga Clan. Good fighter, it is nevertheless less resistant than the other miniatures of the faction, because of its small number of Life Points, in spite of the Tough of series of the aurochs. It allows Waga Clan, thanks to its cost in points, to no longer play systematically in sub-numbers.

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Elite miniatures of Waga Clan

Auroch Totem Warrior

Auroch Totem WarriorCombining brutality and resistance, Auroch Warriors-Totem are the elite of the Aurloks. They excel in combat thanks to their high damage and resistance. Their 3 action points make them have a threat radius far from negligible. Playable alone or in pairs, they can stand up to almost any opponent.

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Auroch Manitou Warrior

Auroch Manitou WarriorThe Warrior-Manitou is the Aurlok’s Size 3 miniature, it’s the most powerful size 3 of the game, violent, resistant and having four Action Points. But this power is paid! In fact, your Manitou will awaken gradually during the game, as and when attacks that he and his allies suffer. Strategy, placement and intelligence will be needed to awaken this monster and get the most out of it.

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