Escapees of Penitentiary of the tooth

Escapees of Penitentiary of the tooth

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The escapees are an elite faction made up of convicts and Khaliman prisoners. They ignore the Diplomatic Immunity of the Sheikh Khalimans. It is very limited in terms of choice of troops and heroes and is nevertheless a challenge to play because of the under-strength that the troop will suffer. The offensive potential of the Escapees is quite frightening even if it does not equal that of the Avalonian Templar. Each model is a good fighter, specialized, so the special abilities will be exploited at best. The weakness of their understaffing reserves them to players who love challenges, or just want to play Khalimans with a dark heart, filling some of their shortcomings, especially in terms of combat power.

Advantages: If it is balanced and versatile, a Escapees troop has little fault. A list with several different troop types will be able to face any opponent. They have the means to strike very hard, even if they will hardly have a fight that goes on forever. If the Escapees manage to fill their chronic understaffing, they will be in a position of strength. Escapees heroes also have a special place in the troop, more than other factions. Their potential threat will have a great psychological impact on the opponent who will try to avoid them. Proper placement and activation will disrupt the opponent’s game.

Weaknesses: The escapees are an elite faction with little defect. Their main deficiency is to systematically have less activation than the opponent and a fairly frequent sub-number. The ends of the round often give the opponents time to organize to counter the Escapees, which can put them in a tricky situation the following rounds. The activations will therefore weigh carefully so as not to get trapped. They have great difficulty simultaneously playing the scenario and managing fights. Moreover, their Spirit value is quite low, which makes them vulnerable to alchemy adversely. They do not have alchemists in their ranks.

Heroes of Escapees

Am’n Ayassarr, Pyritin Ifrit

Ifrit pyrithinHero of Size 3 of the Escapees, Am’n Ayassarr is a fighter formidable in many aspects. With the highest Combat feature of the game and the Feint skill, it fears no defense. Its strong damage table and its Alchemical Explosion ability allow it to inflict very heavy damage in a large radius. It also penalizes the game of alchemists opponents, while being able to heal themselves on contact. With four Action Points, he is a threat to any enemy model on the field. His only flaw is his weak Defense, which makes him very vulnerable to any type of attack, including shots.

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Hakan Ibn Suleman, The One-Eyed

Hakan is a very versatile hero and an accomplished leader. He has a formidable firing weapon with a very wide range but which he can only use in a limited way and which prevents him from running. He is also a very good fighter, with a good damage table, and quite resistant, with many Life Points and the Tough skill. He is the only example of a fearsome miniature in both melee and shooting. His actions will be determined according to the constitution of the troop, since it is the main reserve of action points of the latter.

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Escapees Troops

Convicts of the tooth

Convicts of the toothBasic troop Escapees, the Convicts of the Tooth are quite resistant and have a very good table of damage for a troop of this type. The fact that they are playable in pairs on the same card is not negligible because it has advantages and disadvantages. If they can easily tackle pairs larger than them, it also limits the number of activation of the Escapees Troop.

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Malikh Plunderer

Malikh PlundererThe Plunderers are the remote attack troop of the Escapees. Their shots have a medium range but can do fairly high damage. Playing two cards per card can provide powerful and very dangerous fire support, especially if shooting at the same target. Their low Life Points make them especially safe to protect.

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Elite miniatures for escapees

Khalid Skinner

Khalid SkinnerThe Skinners are a particular elite troop. Their high Combat, Defense, and Reflex abilities make up for their low damage table and low Life Points. Its Sequential attack makes it nevertheless able to attack any type of adversary but it will excel against the base troops, notably thanks to its Defense which will put it out of reach of the attacks of the wounded miniatures.

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Suleman Choker

Suleman ChokerPowerful elite troops, the Chokers are able to attract the opponent to them through their Chains while causing him to lose Action Points. They can attack an opponent who wants to stay behind or a miniature on the lookout. They have a very good damage table. Nevertheless, their weak defense makes them an easy prey for opposing shooters or miniatures with the Long Reach skill.

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