The Winds Warriors of Crow Clan: a song to discretion

The Winds Warriors of Crow Clan: a song to discretion

Oct 16 Guillaume Monnot  

The Aurlok Nation is renowned for the versatility and diversity of its troops. Resistance, fight and scenario players are all talents that can be found in the base troops of this faction. Among veteran troops after the ferocious Warrior-Totem Auroch and the defensive Guard-Spirit Wolf, there was still an elite troupe focused on moving and destined to play the scenario. It is now done with the arrival of the secret Winds-Warriors of the Crow Clan.

The benefits of stealth miniatures

Their benefits to the Crow Clan (large movements, reflexes and high defense), coupled with movement capabilities (Tracker) and discretion (Stealth) make them great scenario players. They are able to approach speed, act and retreat while remaining difficult to catch by opposing troops. Because of their speed, the Winds-Warriors are also able to cross quickly the ground to go to attack the most fragile enemy troops and remained behind. They are therefore excellent hunters of ennemy shooters and alchemists. Although their martial capabilities are far from exceptional, they can still be dangerous against weakly defended troops.

With what supports?

Recruitable up to three in the same troop, they can, thanks to a low cost of 28 points, form the spine of a list oriented to the objectives. Warning however to keep them away from the opposing combat troops, they will indeed be uncomfortable in a longtime fight. They can made a lot of good associations in the Aurlok Nation, particularly well with Tamel’Seh, alchemist of the Crow Clan who can increase their mobility, already considerable, and with aggressive base troops like Thunder Warriors of the Wolf Clan.