Litam Bint Sorhna, Summoner of the Sorority

Dec 14 alkemy_the_game  

She is the first heroine for the sub-faction Sorority and Fadela. 4 AP, a REFlex of 6, DEFense of 12, COMbat 2, a table of DAMmages of alchemist, his role is obviously not to fight. She will start the game with a water sprite, and she will be able to call 2 others.

An alchemist miniature on the air

Litam Bint Sorhna benefits from two powerful alchemical formulas. The first will trigger a roaring wave on allied miniatures that have the Alchemical Decline skill (Djinn, Water Sprite). These miniatures will be able to fight for free against all enemy models that are 1 inch away from them, without them being able to reply. The second formula, Water Sprite Invocation, allows you to summon up to 2 Water Sprite.

A summoner miniature in synergy

Litam Bint Sorhna is a summoner. Thus, models that have the Alchemical Decline skill (Djinns, Water Sprite) lose 1 life point at the end of each round because of this skill. Litam can spend a stone for free to prevent the allied miniature from losing that life. An additional stone may be spent to heal the 2 life points.

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