Spume apprentice for Utopia

Spume apprentice for Utopia

Dec 14 alkemy_the_game  

A new alchemist enters the faction of Irmao’s Utopia, he is the Spume Apprentice. With only 22 points for recruitment, he will do a lot of things at stake. Average statistics, REFlex 3, COMbat 3, DEFense 10, a table of DAMmages up to 4 in double mass, he cumulates Feint (can change his combat card by Inactive after revealing the combat cards of the 2 players, which makes it possible not to be “bluffed” by an opposing inactive card) and Mythical Devotion (he can Keep the allied miniatures which have the skill Hunter of Legends, such as Lerofon, the Leviathan Hunter or the Medusa Hunter). He has only 2 AP, but for 22 points, it’s quite logical.

An alchemist miniatures with one formula

The Spume Apprentice has only one formula, but what a formula! He will place his famous Nevoa, it is a fog area the size of a profile card, in which will be able to “hide” the miniatures. A miniature inside this area is hidden from the miniatures that are outside the area, so it’s pretty strong when you want to protect your action miniatures from shooting or attacking opponents. Nevertheless, once an enemy is partially in the area, he sees your miniatures. In addition, this area intersects the lines of sight. It is possible to make a Nevoa last, up to 3 rounds maximum. Nothing prevents you from starting a Nevoa on the first and second round, and launching another one the next round, and why not next, to make a “fog barrier” …

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