Toh R’ok, hero for Waga Clan

Toh R’ok, hero for Waga Clan

Dec 13 alkemy_the_game  

It is an emblematic miniature that reinforces the Waga Clan. He is a hero, and a great hero! This beautiful miniature, sculpted for the 10 years of the game by Allan Carrasco, is just as appealing for the game!

A strong and tough miniature

Toh R’ok is worth its cost in point: 50 points. It weighs in the recruitment, especially in this sub-faction Waga where the costs in point are high, but Toh R’ok has arguments: 4 AP which will serve to annihilate the opposing miniatures and to play the scenario, a value of COMbat of 6, a table of DAMmages 3 4 4 5 6 7, Leader (can roll the dice in white for the initiative and gives his SPIrit to the friendly miniatures being 8 inches from him), Tough 2 (he reduces the DAMmages undergone of 2 points, always with a minimum of 1 DOM. If the opponent makes 4 DAM, you only take 2 DAM) and Fury (when he is in a red health state, he acquires the Expert Brutal skill, which means that he has 1 bonus die if he plays the Brutal combat card). In contrast, the REFlexs is low (2), and the DEFEnse is the lowest of the game so far (8). Clearly, it will not hit first in the fighting and it will certainly hit, but he will cash the shots (Tough 2) and he will give the exchange with important DAMmages.

Which miniatures for interaction?

Toh R’ok can go it alone and he does not have to worry about being dropped in the opposing troops, without going headlong either… The Waga Clan being generally in sub number, he will have to eliminate by himself one to two opposing models, and rather elite troops or heroes, in order to play the scenario later.

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