Nas-Far’k, becoming of a high size hero

Oct 28 Guillaume Monnot  

New Naashti hero, Nas-Far’k is a particular hero in many ways! First, it’s a size 3 hero, enough rare something in the game to be underlined. Then, he is a hero with 4 AP, the second in Naashti faction and a fighting hero, post until then reserved for Dar-Mekhi. Suffice to say that our giant reptile will make its place and will naturally find its place in Naashtis lists.

Strength and strategy for this miniature

Its 4PA, its 6 in COM and its relatively high damage table make it a significant threat and able to strike very far. He also has two special abilities quite difficult (at least for his opponents …): Provocation and Projection. Provocation allows him to force short-range enemy models to charge him while the Projection allows him to send an opponent into contact, pushing him back and inflicting damage. These abilities make it even more threatening but can also have a great strategic appeal, limiting the opponent’s movement or moving a somewhat painful action figure away from a strategic area. The opponent will have a tendency to make it his priority target under penalty of suffering the consequences!

Warning to size!

Be careful to the defense. Nas-Far’k is, like all Size 3, firing-sensitive and has a low DEF value for a hero of this ilk. The Scary (14) allows to limit the risk a little but remains too random to protect it effectively. We must therefore avoid leaving him alone. But if he is well surrounded and choose his targets well, it will be difficult for his opponents to stop!