Alkemy Kickstarter: Sanctified Alchemist

Sep 16  alkemy_the_game  

The alchemist for the Avalonian sub-faction, the sanctified. Common statistics for an alchemist, 7 in Spirit, 3 in Reflex, 3 in Combat, he still has 10 life points. Its particularity is going to be in its competence “blood of sap”, […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: Toh R’ok for Waga Clan, sculpted by Allan Carrasco

Sep 14  alkemy_the_game  

Warning ! A heavyweight hero comes in Waga Clan! Toh R’ok costs 50 points, 4 AP, a Defense of 8, a Combat of 6, a monstrous DAM table: 3 4 4 5 6 7, he cumulates leader (he always throws […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: Miniatures for Starter box

Sep 13  alkemy_the_game  

Six miniatures for Khaliman Republic: Araoui, Sorhna oracle, 1 ghulam, 2 jarayas and 1 meharist. A blitz list led by the terrible Araoui, which can be played in two ways: in “diplomat” mode to play scenarios, it will be difficult […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: jailor for sanctified

Sep 12  alkemy_the_game  

Concept by Benoît Dellac An elite profile for the sanctified. 3 AP, 10 Life points, 4 in Combat, a good DAM table 2 3 3 3 4 5, Frightening 13, and Sadicstic skill. When an enemy miniature is entangled by […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: Spume Apprentice for Utopia!

Sep 10  alkemy_the_game  

[i]Concept by Thomas Verguet[/i] He’s an alchemist from the outer Circle. He posses 3 skills : “Feint” that allow him to change his combat card by the inactive one. This skills apply AFTER the combats card are revealed, tacital help […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: Nas~Far’k, defender of Dal~Eth for Naashtis!

Sep 08  alkemy_the_game  

Concept by Tania Sanchez Fortun Warning, a heavyweight hero will come on battlemat! Nas~Far’k is a Pes-Hat, a large size Naashti (size 3), as well as Choker of Dal~Eth. 11 Life pionts, 6 in Combat, Frightening 14, a Damage table […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: 3 ondins!

Sep 07  alkemy_the_game  

Concept by Louis, colorization by Stéphane Lamirand These creatures invoked by Litam Bint Sorhna are fragile, 6 Life points and 9 in Defense, but they will defend themselves with 3 in Combat and a Damage Table of 1 2 2 […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: Litam Bint Sorhna for Sorority & Fadela !

Sep 06  alkemy_the_game  

Concept by Louis, colorization by Stéphane Lamirand With the Mornea chronicles of 2016/2017 (organized game on Alkemy forum), the players unlocked the sub-faction of Khalimane Republic: Sorority & Fadela, with the first character: Litam Bint Sorhna. She is an alchemist […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: 3 Crow Wind-Warriors for Aurlok Nation!

Sep 04  alkemy_the_game  

Concepts by Benoît Dellac (left and right), colorization by Tobias (center) They have been waiting for a long time. They are quick and stealthy! Movements of 5 inches for walking, 7 inches for charge attack and 12 inches for running, […]

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Explosive autoscrew, Yodh~Mez for Naashti

May 22  alkemy_the_game  

The explosive autoscrews are the second ones to be released after the combat autoscrews unlocked during the Kickstarter 2015/2016. The autoscrews are very specialized. They have only one use and are extremely limited in their actions. Where the Aam-Mez autoscrews […]

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