Alkemy Kickstarter: Spume Apprentice for Utopia!

Sep 10 alkemy_the_game  

Alkemy Kickstarter: Spume Apprentice for Utopia!
[i]Concept by Thomas Verguet[/i]

He’s an alchemist from the outer Circle. He posses 3 skills : “Feint” that allow him to change his combat card by the inactive one. This skills apply AFTER the combats card are revealed, tacital help in a lot of situations. “Mythical devotion” that allow him to “guard” (take the position of a friendly miniatures within 2 inches when targeting by a spell, a shot, a charge…) legendary hunters. He only have one formula : Nevoa that will summon a fog area (the size of a profile card). Miniatures inside the area will be hidden, only visible by the miniatures inside the area. The area cuts the lines of sight. This formula can be cast up to 6 inches away from the sprume apprentice 🙂

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