Alkemy Kickstarter: Miniatures for Starter box

Sep 13 alkemy_the_game  

Painted Khalimans miniatures for Alkemy Starter Box

Painted triadics miniatures for Alkemy Starter Box

Six miniatures for Khaliman Republic: Araoui, Sorhna oracle, 1 ghulam, 2 jarayas and 1 meharist. A blitz list led by the terrible Araoui, which can be played in two ways: in “diplomat” mode to play scenarios, it will be difficult to charge attack in this case, or in “shooter” mode where he can shoot up to 4 times per round, up to 25 inches, which can remove 2 covers per round. At his side, Sorhna oracle with 2 formulas that will optimize the friendly miniatures, uchronia which allows a raise to the dice, and premonition which allows to replicate even if the miniature no longer has PA. The 2 jarayas, which are basic troops with fairly strong characteristics, the ghulam, an elite warrior with long reach and an impressive DAM table (3 3 4 4 5 6), and the meharist who is the fastest miniature in the game, walk to 6 inches, charge attack to 9 inches and 20 inch to run.

To face them, the Triad of Jade aligns 8 miniatures with Captain Lee-Ping, a warrior hero and his terrible sequential attack (which can cause up to 8 DAM in 1 PA only), it wreaks havoc among enemies. The formidable alchemist of the long breath, with an offensive vocation with two formulas, the enemies will be less rapid and will do less damage, or will finish on the ground without being able to reply, 2 devastating formulas. To support them, four militia-lancers with the famous long reach that will have to take advantage of the enemies ashore, and the 2 militia-archers who will be able to shoot up to 30 inches.

The miniatures will be made of plastic, they will be very easy to assemble, without glue point (except perhaps 1 or 2 khaliman tails), and will fit perfectly into the appropriate black plastic bases. Easy and quick assembly. You will be able to deliver your first part quickly. If you prefer to have painted miniatures on the game table, which is always more enjoyable, again, the time will be reduced with only 14 miniatures to paint in full.

Unpainted Khalimans miniatures for Alkemy Starter Box

Unpainted triadics miniatures for Alkemy Starter Box