Alkemy Kickstarter: Triadic Emissary for scenario book

Sep 18 alkemy_the_game  

Alkemy Kickstarter: Emissary for Jade Triad

The triadic emissary will be the first miniature offered to contributors. It will be used for scenario book.
It took time and numerous clashes so that the Celestials of the Wan Moon perceive all the interest of a corporation like that of the Sheikhs. Many spies working on their own were sufficient to provide information beyond their needs, yet immense. But what they did not do was to influence events.
When it finally appeared to them, a school was created within the Black Magistrates, the school of the Stone on Water. There were formed the first emissaries, distant heirs of the knowledge of the astral snake. Rhetoricians and cartographers, therefore, their role is not to spy, as is often mistaken, but to create the circumstances that can give an advantage to the Empire. Thus, unlike the ambassadors and official figures, they rarely wear their extravagant outfits but prefer to dress in the black of their administration of origin.

Jiàn Kè has taken advantage of all the teachings of her teachers, but she has added a personal touch to it. His talents enable him to pass as well for a man as for a woman. Her fellows themselves come to doubt her sex. It is only natural that she (or he) was appointed to investigate what was happening south of Coelon and to reestablish the lost smuggling counters …