The plan was perfect

Jun 18  alkemy_the_game  

We had identify the less combative of them, but that still were an objectif due to all the minor tasks they did and the sacred fire they were carrying. When they walk away from their camp to gather some materials, […]

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A conflict broke out

Jun 11  alkemy_the_game  

Those foreigners never ceases to amaze me. While they laid down their weapons to build a palisade to entrench themselves, a conflict broke out. Things got heated and despite the attempts of the others to find a pacific solution, no […]

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A careful observation

Jun 04  alkemy_the_game  

After several weeks of careful observation I think I figured out some element. What I first thought was simple dismorphic differences between individuals seems to be a way to distinguish males and females. Men are shorter, stout and thick while […]

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Manoa’s message

May 28  alkemy_the_game  

Manoa, Guardian of Chora on the Sea PrinceWe find one of our ship washed ashore on a beach. They were signs of confrontation, but we didn’t found no body. Utopian gears were still here : weaons, armors, clothes but we […]

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A message from Vel’sor

May 21  alkemy_the_game  

Vel’sor, Swordman-Naa of The Eth citadelAs I was patrolling once more our tunnels, a strange metal piece attracted my attention. What’s that strange object ? Who left it here in the corridors of our citadel ? There is fire inside […]

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A message from Song-Peï Taoli

May 14  alkemy_the_game  

Song-Peï Taoli, Captain of the Tiger Guard of Dong Yi Despite the triadic militia watchtowers, it seems that an ennemy manage to break through the wall, without making any noise. The only clue we have is this weapon i don’t […]

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Release of the Malikhs Fugitives for the escapees

May 09  alkemy_the_game  

Two new troops make their entry for the sub-faction Escapees from the prison of the Tooth. The two fugitives Malikhs have the Ranger skill, which allows them to perform a free walk per round. With 8 health life points (3 […]

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A message from Razikh Ibn Khalid

May 09  alkemy_the_game  

Really surprising… During my last tour along the Asfar desert, they show me a shield I can’t recognize and neither relate it to any nation. The material in unsual, especially its weight for such a large piece. Truly, this shield […]

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Aurlok message

May 02  alkemy_the_game  

Anoki, Toad Medicine Shaman of Aurlok Nation I made a strange discovery today… I went to the Atowa career where I usually gather alchemist components and this time I found an unusual pile of stones. Their energy was identical to […]

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Spume apprentice for Utopia

Dec 14  alkemy_the_game  

A new alchemist enters the faction of Irmao’s Utopia, he is the Spume Apprentice. With only 22 points for recruitment, he will do a lot of things at stake. Average statistics, REFlex 3, COMbat 3, DEFense 10, a table of […]

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