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The Sanctified are the second sub-faction of the Kingdom of Avalon. Where the Templar plays on brutality, the Sanctified ones play more on hindrance and resistance. The accumulation of skills and formulas playing on malus dice and the variations of characteristics or displacements make it an army particularly difficult to face, attacking in a very targeted way. Once an opposing miniature firmly attached, it will immediately be assaulted with a volley of blows.

Entanglement and Frightening

Like Avalon and the Templar, this sub-faction plays on the synergy between its miniatures and bullying. The frightened and entangled state is not automatic, the miniatures must remain at a reasonable distance to support each other in case of difficulty or complete the enemy if successful. This creates a threat zone in which the opponent will not want to venture. Only a few Sanctified miniatures are enough to paralyze a part of the opposing troop, preventing it from acting or playing the scenario. The Sanctified are therefore a delicate faction to understand because they play a lot on dice skills. Nevertheless, even with some success, she remains difficult to face for her opponents.

Limit movements of opposing miniatures

Advantages: The Sanctified play a lot on Frightening and Entangling skills. These last ones make it possible to inflict the adversary many dice and limit its movements. Almost all miniatures have the Frightening ability. Combat characteristics and their average damage can therefore become very ugly on opponents caught in their clutches. The Sanctified are very effective on scenarios that require holding a position or forcing the opponent to attack them.

Weaknesses: The Sanctified have the defects of their qualities. Frightened and Entanglement are extremely powerful abilities but depend on rolls of dice to be activated. Against certain factions like the Khalimans, this can pose real problems knowing that the Sanctified have extremely low Defense, Reflex and Spirit skills, making them very vulnerable to any attack, shooting or alchemy. If the opponent avoids them on movement scenarios, they will be particularly vulnerable and disadvantaged. They are especially afraid of Fearless miniatures.

Heroes miniatures of Sanctified

Berac’h, the Jailor

Berach40 points of resistance and hardship. Berac’h, despite its weak statistics has a very developed nuisance capacity. The combination of Long Reach and Entanglement skills make it a leech for opposing troops that will be hard to leave. It is not left at the level of resistance, combining another very effective combination: Tough and Frightened. His only fault is size: he will always throw red dice. And it’s not expensive paid for such a profile!

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Alchemist miniature of Sanctified

Vicar of the Spine

The Vicar of the Spine is typical of his faction. He uses his formulas to accentuate the effects of allied abilities or to create entanglement areas around him. It brings additional chances to inflict penalties on the opponents, see to multiply them, because it must not be forgotten that Frightened is the only ability to cumulative effects! It is therefore to protect, especially since it is the only one of the sub-faction not to have the scary skill.

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Troops miniatures of Sanctified

Avalonian Retarius

Avalonian RetariusAn intermediate elite troop, the Retiarius is the only landing between the low-cost base troops and the beloved Avalonian elites. This is a very painful troop, able to paralyze and scare the opposing models, by inflicting several malus die. This greatly diminishes their effectiveness and allows the Retiarius to fight very effectively.

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The Prisoner is the base troop of the Sanctified and has weak features, a medium damage table, but also the Frightened skill, which allows him to hope to hold against other troops. It finds all its usefulness to play the scenario and to accompany allies with the Entanglement to benefit from the effects of the latter on the opposing miniatures.

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Elites miniatures of Sanctified


The Jailor is very similar to the Prisoner, but in an elite troop version and thus occupies a similar role. It has a very average profile for a price, but takes another dimension thanks to its special ability to attack free opponents submitted to the Entanglement. Accompanied by a Retiarius, it will be a significant threat to the opponent.

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Avalonian Colossus

Avalonian ColossusBrutal, resistant, not very subtle and stupid, here is how to describe the Colossus. He focuses all the violence and resistance of Avalon in his profile, able to eliminate most of the enemy miniatures in a well placed attack! However, be careful with its very weak characteristics and its immunity to effects and allied formulas that make it a target of choice for anything that is attack from afar or that cancels the protections.

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