Malikh Jaraya

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This time, the jarayas guarding the site were females. Everyone took care not to make any sudden move to avoid the risk of causing them. Particularly well-trained soldiers knew that under their apparent casualness, the fierce fighting were as fast and powerful as their male counterparts. No sexist remark fusa, boldest merely silently contemplate their voluptuous feline grace and beauty. You, soldiers of the Empire have never understood that fighting was not a matter of strength or training. War is an art. It’s like a gracious medley, a deadly ballet set as clockwork . therefore human approach between the dance and I’ll show Oh how your death will be beautiful.

La tempête approchait, plus immense que les ambitions réunies de nos 196 sénateurs. Elle était immense et incontrôlable, belle et violente à la fois, portant dans son souffle toute la colère du désert Asfar. Si sa route croisait celle de notre escorte, pas un de nous n’y survivrait ! Sans la quitter des yeux, je donnais l’ordre de modifier notre itinéraire vers les contreforts rocheux des montagnes.
L’un des tuaregs protesta, me signalant que le Kabircheikh n’arriverait jamais à temps si nous quittions l’itinéraire prévu.
“Peu m’importe le retard du KabirCheikh, lui répondis-je. Je ne suis pas politicien mais jaraya : la sécurité de l’escorte au complet est donc sous ma responsabilité. Si ces montagnes peuvent tous nous sauver de la tempête, alors nous nous y rendrons !”

The jarayas are the oldest military institution Khaliman history began when the War of the three lines, named urban militias became the spearhead of the three armies and took the name of jarayas. When the civil war ended, the jarayas disappeared: their name became emblematic for the violence and bloodshed. They reappeared when the Khalimans became involved in the war against alchemical Jade Triad: the mullahs decided that this would be an opportunity to redefine the function of jarayas and improve their image. Their role would now not aggression but defending: the jarayas interposed before the Aurloks to protect the whims of hosts the Iron Heart. When peace returned, the jarayas continued to be offered as regular troops integrated into the body of the Shield, their name now cleared of negative connotations in favor of a more positive reputation.

The jarayas are mobile and versatile fighters, organized into phalanxes whose size varies. Their primary role is that of defense locations or groups, which gives them a variety of different missions: peacekeeping forces, caravan escort, protection of a village or region against robbers, etc. These are the most commonly encountered warriors on the territory of the Republic, and especially in the cities where they form khalimanes the chourta, urban protection of the militia. They are also found in the escorts sheikhs.

Some jarayas, confident in their martial prowess, dreaming of a better career than the army of the Republic has to offer. Those who officiate at Bab-el-Assad and Jewel are most tempted and officers report the case of a few desertions. This certainly explains the presence of mercenaries among jarayas Cartel Sabre.