Khaliman Republic presentation

Jul 03 alkemy_the_game  

Haunted by the weight of a bloody past, Khaliman people now seeking to bring peace and harmony to the peoples of Mornea. The Khaliman Republic stands as a model of civilization, advocating a Republican-dominated culture through art, trade and peace. Paradoxically, those who campaign so actively for the union appear to be under increasing dissension within them. Tensions have emerged between the all-powerful Sisterhood of elected Sorhna and Magmou’a, senate which is the keystone institutions. But both of them know their own internal conflicts: Senators differ on the policy to be followed and the Sisterhood, veiling in the silence of his secrets, sees that more and more sorhna turn their backs , preferring exile in the northern icy lands where the host Ermadhi a minor line that takes vis-à-vis the political authorities and distances seem actively prepare for a terrible war.

While murch’a, official representative of Khalimans, is more than ever deleted, personalities stand to face the events that overwhelm the Republic, as a mysterious and bloody escape from hardened criminals. When institutions are frozen, individuals stand out, like the intriguing vizier of the Republic, a market expert lobbyist in politics or former judge become fighter to protect the oppressed.

Yet the mysterious prophecy Fatiha seems more than ever to the agenda and unity is what the Khalimans should deploy their efforts. If the body of the sheikhs is working hard to ensure this unity with other people, who can keep within the Republic Khaliman?