General presentation of factions

Jun 14 alkemy_the_game  

With more than forty hero profiles, more than a hundred different troop and alchemist profiles, divided into one or more of the fourteen factions and sub-factions of the game, Alkemy is a game with a wealth and a very deep strategic depth. But how to choose your faction (or your factions are crazy!) Here is a brief overview of the factions and factions of the game, with their strengths and weaknesses and a small strategic description of each profile.

How many factions?

Miniatures are currently divided into six major factions to which are attached six factions. Two other independent sub-factions complete the whole. Here is their distribution:
• Kingdom of Avalon faction
• Templar sub-faction
• Sanctified sub-faction

• Aurlok Nation faction
• Walosi sub-faction
• Waga sub-faction

• Khaliman Republic faction
• Sorority and Fadela sub-faction

• Empire of Jade Triad faction
• Cobra Guard sub-faction

• Utopia faction
• Naashti Faction

• Independent sub-faction The Escapees of the Penitentiary of the Tooth
• Independent Sub-faction The Cartel of Saber

What is a sub-faction?

A sub-faction focuses on a particular gameplay or a theme of the characteristic background of a faction by developing and deepening it. If the sub-factions incorporate certain profiles of their generic faction, they also have hero and troop profiles that are exclusive to them. Sub-factions often require more fingering and smoothness of use than the main factions because they are much less versatile.

Gameplay and strategy

Here is a brief outline of the gameplay of each faction and sub-faction of the game. For more details, do not hesitate to go to their dedicated areas or you will find more explanations. Full profiles are available on website http://architekt.alkemy-the-game.com

Kingdom of Avalon faction:

Populace action based on inexpensive and expendable troops, and elite troops of quality. Faction with a low average defense, it can nevertheless be very resistant via alchemy and hits hard. She is particularly comfortable with position scenarios.

Templar sub-faction:

Brings together most of Avalon’s strike force and elite troops. The Templar is there to hit hard and talk scenario next. All his profiles are intended to support the combat effort of the combatants. His exclusive miniatures focus on defense and care.

Sanctified sub-faction:

Combines all miniatures made misshapen by alchemy. A weak army, it plays and exploits the numerous penalties and hindrances that it will inflict on the adversary via the competent Frightening and Entanglement series to compensate for a force of typing generally reduced compared to the main faction.

Aurlok Nation faction:

The most versatile faction of the game. The profiles are very diversified and can greatly vary the formation of troops and strategies. It allows you to experience many tactical aspects of the game and to put together a wide range of combinations of profiles and strategies. It is also easy to build more specialized themed troops.

Walosi sub-faction:

Sub-faction of the Walosi clan. Has many health points, the miniatures jump everywhere and specialize in harassment. Toads are long-time combat specialists who can hold the enemy for a long time while nibbling at his health. Complex sub-faction, playing on the interactions between miniatures and the central place of the alchemists.

Waga sub-faction:

Sub-faction of Auroch clan. Faction little populous but very violent. They play on the fast and brutal attack. All their miniatures have profiles of elite troops. Their profiles are nevertheless very weak in defenses, having the lowest values of the game, making them vulnerable to any type of attack. A sub-faction more delicate than it seems!

Khaliman Republic faction:

Faction of elite troops, fast and intelligent, with excellent characteristics, but at high cost and short life. Their troops are very specialized and their heroes relatively cheap. The faction excels in movement scenarios and for any action requiring quick placement.

Sorority and Fadela sub-faction:

Join the alchemists Khalimans and their invocations. Very special gameplay for this very small faction, which must exploit the synergies between alchemists and other miniatures to win. Alchemists are at the heart of the gameplay and must be protected at all costs.

Empire of Jade Triad faction:

Populace action, versatile but weakly resistant. Has the largest selection and the best alchemists in the game, alchemy almost entirely turned to attack. Play on a defensive troop base and elite troops for attack and highly specialized.

Cobra Guard sub-faction:

The sub-faction of the assassins. It plays on discretion, harassment and surprise attack to strike fast and hard or to play the scenario. The low lifespan of miniatures leaves no room for error and each loss will be heavy!

Utopia faction:

Fragile faction, adept shooting. Lowly equipped for melee, it has many shooters and many ways to reduce the characteristics of the opposing action miniatures. It is perfect for delaying a game and harassing the opponent before delivering the final blow or allowing other action miniatures to play the scenario.

Naashti Faction:

Slow faction but with powerful and varied profiles and opportunities. Has many specific tools during the formation of the troop as autoscrews (low cost, remote controlled) or Ouroboros (resistant but slow) who have their own gameplay. It has many skills and effects that can return the course of a game.

Independent sub-faction The Escapees of the Penitentiary of the Tooth:

Gather prisoners and criminals Khalimans. Good strike force but chronic sub-number. Has very little choice of miniatures and very powerful heroes.

Independent Sub-faction The Cartel of Saber:

Combines the low-cost troops of the first four factions of the game, led by exclusive heroes. Play on the number and the complementarity of the miniatures of the different factions.