Escapees presentation

Jul 21 alkemy_the_game  

Murderers, cutthroats, murderers, all the Republic Khaliman account killers languishing in ice and snow of northern caliphate of White Dress, Penitentiary Tooth.
Since the civil war of the Three Lines, shedding the blood of another Khaliman is a taboo for society. Those who break this law, committing a crime of blood, a crime Dent, are ostracized by the Republic and sent to rot near the outside ocean, Penitentiary Dent, and forgotten.

Hakan bin Suleman, convicted murderer in the pay of Red Scorpion, was one of them. Arrested by the Sheikh Tarik ibn Malik for the murder of a senator, Hakan was imprisoned during 1364. His reputation preceding cycle, his stay in prison did not stop to continue his little traffic and lead a peaceful life. Once eliminated those who thought to dispute his power, he was able to arrange a comfortable place and made the prison a resort.
Master of the court, there organized fights between inmates, allying the fiercest waiting patiently for someone to come get him.

It was during the Spring 1371 cycle as the opportunity presented itself. A third of walls was destroyed by the savage attack of Am’n Ayassarr.
The ifrit pyritin Hakan joined and, taking advantage of the panic overwhelmed guards of the fire that destroyed the cells and the flight of many convicts, they quickly departed to the south.

Today Am’n Ayassarr and Hakan Borgne, accompanied by the worst criminals of the Republic, roam the caliphate Asfar towards the desert. Despite their relative discretion, their group is quite famous for that one more of them speaks to as Escapees