Avalonian Templar

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

For the Queen and for the Church, for the Earth and for the Faith, For the blood and iron, by law and justice, to the Temple and the holy Beathacrann, and We will pass.

The Templars existed long before Avalon. Formerly responsible for protecting the alchemists and their laboratories, they are the warrior elite of the seven baronies and their history is intimately linked to it. By pushing back the armies of the Triad jade, they allowed man who would become Caedmon and his men to take sufficiently in advance to set up their own kingdom. And it is for this feat remembering that the Church now has three monasteries: Mâtines, Vespers and Compline.
Since then they have obviously developed their own characteristics, but when the threat is urgent or that the Church must defend its interests, the Templars are the three monasteries forehead and bring to the front the fighting, all united under the double banner Avalon and Beathacrann.

The Templars are primarily living symbols of the determination of the kingdom and of his unwavering faith. Athletes thick and rough body, long trained to unparalleled discipline firmly in the heavy armor of Obsius the colors of their monastery, they wield a powerful shield and sword which they can use both a hand of two. Thus protected, you must deploy an uncommon aggressiveness to flush out and when they are well supported by novices units or inspired enough officers, they have the reputation of being invincible.
But even more, it is their religious fervor and conviction to always act for justice and common law, as requested by the Church, even allowing these men to use their last resources to keep and hit their enemies with unfeigned savagery. They are an example to other soldiers, but it is likely that if they were to escape, the whole army would follow in defeat.