Toad Medicine Shaman

Toad Medicine Shaman

Jul 15 alkemy_the_game  

He tirelessly walked the bushes in search of components for the preparation of his medicines. How he managed to do so ignores the surrounding fights? No doubt thanks to the voice that only he could hear Walosi.

All Aurloks can not become shamans. Only those who are able to perceive the voices of manitous and can respond: this faculty is revealed during the passage of rite of passage to adulthood, the imayeto. According to his own sensibility, the young Aurlok chooses what kind of shaman he wants to become. The shamanmedicine is one that specializes in the care and healing. Most of its work is to cure diseases through negotiation usually pretty tense with diseasespirits who are responsible, when it is not a disease that is that has upset the Aurlok one of its souls by inappropriate conduct. This is a very common shaman in society Aurlok: each tribe has at least a medicine shaman within it.
The multiplication of fighting, including against Avalon, led the shamanmedicine to venture on the forehead in order to heal the wounds of war. In doing so, it is more inclined than his colleagues to address the manitous plants in order to get their blessing to enjoy their patient curators of their virtues. By their contact with sick and suffering, it is most often shamans very gentle nature, especially friendly and understanding. Many are from Walosi Waga or clans, but sometimes they are Waya clan, showing then less empathic and more taciturn. Beyond their role as alchemist, these shamans are great botanists for which broths, decoctions and poultices have no secrets.