Toad Hive-Throwers

Jul 17 alkemy_the_game  

The sergeant had been clear, the rafters were to remain under the tree where I was hidden away from the fighting they relied lead against my brothers. Once the archers began to shoot, muddy Walosi emerged from their bush. They launched their hives at the foot of the shooters and bees threw themselves on them. The lesser of their movements, they were riddled with poisoned darts insects. Unfortunately, the rafters, perfectly disciplined, remained under my tree. And the bees do not make the difference between an archer and warriorwind …

The tribe of the Sun that door-le-sugar takes its name from its seasonal beekeepers activities: every summer, the hunters of the tribe involved to find the wild bee hives and to harvest honey obtained pollen yellow flowers wah-cocihi. One day they were surprised by a furious bear, they defended themselves by throwing the hives on their assailant. The damage caused bees were so impressive that it gave them the idea to use these combat hives!
The first volunteers were members of the clan Toad: after mud coated to protect against bites and arms full of beehives, they faced the soldiers Avalon throwing their strange projectiles over their opponents: the breakdown of the hive from enemy soldiers shoot was a colony of bees, wasps or hornets furious that were bent on immediate unhappy.

Since that day, the hives launchers are frequently found in the ranks of Aurloks, especially among tribes southeast of Oblaye Itse, where bees are more numerous. These are always members of the clan of Toad who embrace this vocation, other Aurloks enjoying some duty cover is wet mud. Responsible for two or three hives, they laboriously advancing towards the enemy ranks to the proper time, delighted, they can finally enjoy their bulky to launch missiles at their opponents and laugh handsomely watching them flee the angry insects.