Time measure

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The time on Mornea flows slowly and inexorably.

When It created his new world, It knew its essence is the most subtle and most beautiful.
It undertook to add the ingredient that would give it life; It and created the Time. The time would come changes, and changes the world’s beauty that could finally flourish under his eyes. This pleased him.

During his contemplations Naash was able to measure the passage of time through the changing seasons paintings created by his brothers and him.

He was able to determine this:

  • A cycle is divided into four seasons. A season is the time it takes to change Mornea face.
  • A season consists of three Selenes. A Lunar is the time it takes Hannah to become full again.
  • Each Lunar consists of 88 days. One day is the time required to TheBus to rise again.
  • Each day is divided into 22 hours. The time was arbitrarily determined by Naash order to measure time in smaller quantities.

    When Chul Hei, clan Wanli, created the Imperial calendar, he named them Selenes according to their place in each season and wrote his name by that of each Architect:

    • the season flowers and buds is therefore divided into yīkhal, èrkhal and sankhal
    • yīnaas in the hot season, and èrnaas sānnaas
    • the third season in yīaurl, èraurl and sānaurl:
    • and finally, last season, dear to the emperor, in Yidao, Erdao and Sandao.

      In cycle 0, the imperial calendar was adopted by the Khalimans Naashtis and to promote exchanges between peoples.

      Average life
      Each of Mornea peoples has a different longevity to enjoy a life. According to their architect chose to give his life to shape these new lives or not, but also according to the number of children it has generated during its creation.

      Thus Khalimans become major at the age of five cycles and have a mean life expectancy of 40 cycles.Les Aurloks can live on average 30 cycles.Les Men, created in quantity, are expecting their seventh round but to be major have an average life of only 25 cycles.

      Bébé Aurlok

      Bébé Aurlok