The Walosi, longer call them Toads

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logo_walosi2Aurloks nomadic tribes together members of different clans, mixing aurochs, Wolves, Ravens and Toads. Each brings its specific capabilities in the life of the tribe in its migrations. And those of the aurochs in the habit of carrying heavy yurts over long distances; the eyes of those ravens read the news on the horizon and distant relate to the sachem; those of the wolf, the exceptional hunting skills, the tribe cater meat diet; finally those of the toad use their knowledge of plants for cooking as well as to treat their fellows.
The life time of the tribe are groups all Aurloks interchangeably, but it is common to see assemble members of the same clan outside these groupings.

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When moving away from the camp, the Walosi prefer to combine them, delegating to each one usually held by those of another clan role. Some have therefore developed an ability to fight, underestimated even by their own kind, to protect their brothers. It is not uncommon, in fact, have to defend themselves against those whoaretheshipping steel in Oblaye Itse, especially west of Niwaca Wosice.
caapiti2Other less combat-capable, were able to listen to the voice of manitous to convert their donations formidable abilities. Witnesses recount seeing Walosi pounce and poison the aggressors with their blood or seeing terrible warriors succumb to bee stings.
Rumor terrible Walosi fighters began to spread among the Avalonians and some even refer toads spirits haunting the ponds and streams

The largest Walosi community, bringing together members of many tribes, is in the capital of Aurloks, Otsiliha living whose clan is responsible. Commercial capital, Otsiliha receives representatives of all populations Mornea Khalimans and neither wise, nor the cunning Imperials can not give credence to these stories Avalonians.
Yet, on closer look, the affable toads are those who daily unloading heavy bales of ships, they are the ones which provide various trade and maintain order in the city. No need here Aurochs mighty, not combative Wolves, the Walosi arrange very well to solve the problems of the city. So much so that some Sachems toads waiting for the next Council Sélénite the qualities of Walosi be officially proclaimed and, why not, that one of their accesses the role of the Father of the Earth, the respected Edoda Elohino.

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