The versatile Republic

Aug 18 alkemy_the_game  

republique-polyvalenteAraoui – Oracle – 1 Ghulam – 2 Jarayas – 1 Meharist
6 models – 6 profile cards

Some generalities::
Khaliman This list is quite versatile, Araoui the hero / shooter that can be employed diplomat Oracle alchemist who will support the troops, the ghulam, elite warrior who hits hard with the extension, two jarayas dedicated to the scenario or harassment and Camel can flush out the enemy protected figurines … Araoui and Oracle are the only ones to have more than 3 PA, they will be more than useful for certain scenarios. However, you will still be able to use your troops 2 PA to play the script, and set the oracle in the right place to cover the maximum area so that the troops can benefit from the famous premonition. You’ll understand the oracle may be the highlight of your list, with the risks that entails … All Khalimans move faster that human troops, sometimes giving you the advantage of being able to load one with no PA the opponent can do.

Play list:
First Araoui your hero. It can be used as a shooter, art in which he excels. It may take 4 times in a round, and even use its competence Emeritus shooter 2 times, whether to take a stand fight base safe for your figure, or a figure covered … that will be “discovered” just … Four shots in a round is a psychological weight for your opponent. Araoui may very well kill a figurine in 1 turn arrows shot snug … From a totally opposite, it may be a diplomat mode and swap his bow against diplomatic immunity, to transform it into scenario player, which can be a significant advantage over some scenarios where you take an objective and transport … In order to minimize the risk of bad dice for the jet of mind in opposition, the oracle can assist with alternate history, allowing it to restart 1 dice if bad luck. So Araoui can be virtually untouchable and “transformed” into a screenplay player …

The oracle will be the cornerstone of your list. Positioned at the center of your troops, it could start a premonition, allowing his allies to use the PA in response when they no longer have PA. The ghulam or jarayas will fight, playing the script and they will still respond to attacks The psychological effect is also guaranteed 🙂, it really énervera your opponent So pay attention to the oracle that will be a major target, it will put back behind your troops

The ghulam is not there to laugh, this is a fighter, he does just that, with a beautiful table coupled damage to 5 in combat. In addition, it has the competence extends, which will be very effective to get the opposing heroes just do not have the draw. The ghulam must be used to eliminate the elite troops or enemy hero, he has the potential. With the oracle premonition around, he can react to several attacks. Be careful though his weak defense (10), it will easily hit by enemy troops and snipers.
The jarayas troops are basic, honest fighters with a combat value and higher than the average defense enemy troops. They are mainly there to protect the ghulam, the oracle and Araoui, so do not hesitate to sacrifice if the need arises

The Camel has outstanding displacement values, running 6 inches, 9 inches and 20 inches in charge in the race. This is not a very big fighter, he will have to be used to play the scenario, he can go for the goals that are further down the table, or to go flush out such an alchemist who prepares a spell and make him lose concentration in the process …


  • Araoui: In shooting mode or diplomat. Harassment and psychological burden on opposing figures in “shooter”, especially before Emeritus shooter. Very good defense but life line “short”. Enormous potential to play the scenario quietly diplomat mode.
  • Oracle: The cornerstone of your list it will protect. High defense but few hit points. Foreknowledge, alternate history, premonition, do not hesitate to abuse these skills and formulas that énerveront your opponent. And with any luck, they will make him lose his 🙂
  • Ghulam: The warrior of your list. Simple, direct, brutal, he is not there to hang out … Attention to its low defense. Take advantage of his reach and out of dual mass! Alkemyyyyy!
  • Jarayas: Basic troops to block the enemy figurines, either troops or elite hero with the possibility of using them to play the scenario also.
  • Meharist: The sprinter from your list, the scenario player. Very high defense but short life online too. It can be used in “finisher” troupe also