The era of Concorde

Aug 18 alkemy_the_game  

Since the end of the alchemical war, economic exchanges have multiplied and many flourishing counters allowed the nations to work together for the good of Mornea.

The largest project came consolidate this harmony between peoples was the channel of the Concorde whose construction began in 1149 and ended in 1173.
This channel allowed therefore to promote exchanges increasingly among peoples and particularly between the Triad and Khalimans for whom long sea voyages became a distant memory.
After an era of bloody clashes, the era of concord so heralded the promise of a long period of prosperity and peace.


Attrapeur de rêveBut already new problems have emerged. The Kingdom of Avalon seems scolding from the swamp that serves as its territory and incessant attacks against the nation Aurlok do not reassure the sheikhs.
The Khaliman Republic seems to tremble as he whispers in the corridors of the Senate that a terrible curse falls upon their nation.
The Aurloks are entirely dedicated to their fight against Avalon but in parallel moguls and some spirits seem agitated.
As for the Triad, she discovered the existence of a mysterious organization that would spread the words of an ancient prophecy:

From the awakening of Wandering, will open the way to the Shadow