The Concorde channel

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canalThe construction of the Concorde Canal was decided at the end of the Alchemical War, to create the conditions for reconciliation between the different peoples of Mornea. It seemed evident as promote trade and exchanges would be the best way to calm tensions.

When the project of the Concorde channel was set feet in 1148, it was proposed by the Edoda Elohino (the head of the nation Aurlok) time, a wise Aurlok clan aurochs named Pacchapac, that his nation would sell all lands gracefully located on the canal route. But he also decided to dispose of either side of the vast waterway two bands of 300 strides aurochs each of neutral ground, free of exploitation for those who want to trade it.
His will was to allow his people to link more easily free trade relations, which would certainly have the effect of creating political ties.

This decision was applauded and greeted with enthusiasm not the other nations of Mornea.

The outlook offered by the canal prompted so very early, launching its been under construction, many merchants and onlookers come to settle down and provide products and services of all kinds to the builders.
Quickly, some installed in the top decided to regroup more powerful and better organized groups to expand their influence and profits.



With this increasing activity, it was decided at the inauguration of the Concorde channel, to entrust the security of the region to the young body Khalimans sheikhs. He allegedly mission to make peace and justice reign along the route.
But the channel length and the intense activity which reigned there already at its inauguration made this task particularly difficult. This left in fact a large margin of maneuver to different organizations that flourished there with plenty of time to continue and expand their activities, honorable or not.

In a sense, the wish was fulfilled Pacchapac. The people came close. These organizations have indeed in their ranks of people from very different backgrounds. But in no doubt, his wish did not include the development of unsavory activities, organized crime and battles of influence beyond the control of the nations of Mornea.
Companies, guilds, cartels of all kinds have therefore created since the first earthworks. Business groups, mercenaries, they were likely to emerge and disappear just as during the tumultuous history of the canal.


However, over time, six of these organizations developed significantly influence and supplanted their competitors. They went up to take control of entire cities founded by the canal, where they did not create themselves their own city to install their activities.
These organizations were named Crocs Canal:

  • the Ambres Company, based in Bab al-Assad
  • Guild Oz, based in Jewel
  • Cartel Sabre, head Steel
  • Abyad the Company, based in Brise
  • the Cartel of the Stone, based in Twilight
  • Boatmen‘s Guild, based in Maw