Templar Novice

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

The Knights Templar Novices advancing a martial not confident in their own strength and the purity of their faith. The Beathacrann had he not honor all of them? Had they not devoted their whole soul to the Church as the body belonged only to the Tree of Life? Made stronger by this certainty, they marched on the enemy at gunpoint and the vibrant heart of serene determination. Feeling future eminence of combat, their symbionts already animated, eager and threatening!

When the armies of the monasteries start walking, usually guided by a constable or a steward in person, there are hundreds of Templars who go into battle, wearing proudly symbionts and swords, symbols of their order and their faith. But these valiant fighters would be nothing if they were to them the support of countless accompanying novices.
Honored with a graft Beathacrann but not allowed to wear swords, they advanced towards the enemy spear in hand and faith in the heart. Combined with their arms, their discipline between all their deemed provides a surprising collective effectiveness on the battlefield. Indeed, whether to take a position by erecting a wall of pikes or to bring to the assault by protecting the flanks of their elders, they faillissent if ever, too aware of the consequences of failure.

For novices must at Temple. First of all, not to know the misery and the horrors of a life they have now abandoned, then having received the blessing of Beathacrann as a symbiont. Indeed, if we except the grim prospect of being removed from an early age to become an aberration, the Temple is the only option left to the son of the people to receive a transplant. This guarantees to always have many candidates eager to become novices fighting undertaking to maintain the number of Templars in acceptable proportions.
However, this “privilege” is not without envy, especially among puisne the best families. Nobles hostile to the Temple so we can meet regularly and doing everything possible to limit the influence, although none would be suicidal enough to say so openly.