Tanka Wanka

Tanka Wanka

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Fighting in swamps was not a problem for these peasant soldiers used to working in flooded rice fields of Dongdai. It was rather the smell of mold that inconvenienced them. That, and the stinging blood that toad!
Again, he received a spear. Once again, he struck as if no injury affected him. Once again, the crapaudes applauded the fall of a lancer Jade.

The tribe, the pickers de fungus, is one of the few nomadic tribes Toads. Following the rivers, they roam the swamps Oblaye Itse to pick many mushrooms they know they can exchange. The Aurloks shamans of all clans frequently use concoctions made from mushrooms to go into a trance and access the extreme concentration to speak with the souls of their ancestors.

One of the proudest sachem toad clan is named Tanka Wanka. At the heart of Oyanke Aliha in the least hospitable part of the marsh, he led his tribe to the discovery of a rare fungusstanding dream. Famous for its rarity as well as for the efficiency of its hallucinatory effects, this fungus is trading well on the edges of the Concorde channel.
Once the harvest took place in the first month of autumn Tanka Wanka went to Breeze, accompanied by a strong escort, to negotiate the best price. Concession to urban or effect of pride habits, Tanka Wanka advantage of this trip to embellish her outfit. His return is always the opportunity to ridicule the ancients, but causes such an effect on the females that rumors ascribe a higher number of small offspring of his tribe.
Despite the reputation of lightness, it is under the appearance of a fierce warrior that comes the sachem of pickers de fungus. The nomadic tribe has indeed revealed to Tanka Wanka qu’Oblaye Itse was traversed in all directions by the Humans, openly, but mostly secretly. Exasperated at the highest point that Aurloks land is perpetually violated, he began to lead his tribe‘s warriors to fight effectively using all of wetlands resources. The effectiveness of his methods, combined with its resistance to pain, make him a feared fighter.
The name of Tanka Wanka starts spreading like a warlord can bring all the toads under him.