Multi-Card miniatures

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Some models of the game need to be played together. They are present on the same game card, a multi-card figures.

Their use can sometimes ask some questions, answeris thus following the points listed in the rule book.

Multiple card
On some cards, there are several lines of hit points. In this case, several figures depend on the same card, and each has its own lifeline.

A card with several lifelines is a multi-figure card. This means that this card represents several figurines. When the cheek, activating all the various figures it represents.
The cost shown on the map is that of one of these figures. It is also forbidden to take two of these figures and to associate them with two different cards.
During the deployment phase, nothing obliges me to put those two figures next to each other.

Take the example of militiamen Archers Jade Triad.
If I want to choose two on my list, I will spend twice the cost amount on the card (here twice 17 pts) and play them on the same card. I have no right to play on two different cards.
If I had chosen one Militiaman Archer, I’ll play like any “normal” figure.
If I had chosen to play three militiamen Archers, two of them would be played on the same card, the third on another independent board.

Activation phase
The player with the hand means a profile of his cards and plays or figurines that depend. She (s) is (are) called (s) miniature (s) active (s). They say he activates his card.
The player must announce the first action or figures related to the activated card (if multiple figures depend on the card, these actions can be different). He then spends the number of Action Point (AP) necessary.
After (the) first (s) Action (s) resolved (s), it may announce a new action for (the) model (s) still having enough PA.

The principle is to consider the figurines on the same card as entirely separate figures, but that play (almost) simultaneously.

Take the example of my two militiamen Archers. When I activate their cards, so I’ll play along:
I say what everyone does in his first action (eg the first step, the second draws);
I resolve equities (which are not completely concurrent, we shall see for combat, for example);
I then said what everyone is doing then with the PA and its remaining I resolve actions.

What should be done if a model of a multiple card performs an action to 2PA and the other an action to 1PA?
We solve both actions and to whom it remains 1PA performs only his second action.

And a figurine of a multiple card which spent 1PA before activating his card (to take cover, for example, or to meet a commitment)?
Similarly, upon activation of the card, each of the figures declared his first action the active player solve. Then the figure to whom he remains 1PA may make a second action, which has no PA will remain inactive.

Thus one can place a model of a multiple card “lurking” while the other performs an action?
Yes, but it will not be possible to re-activate before activating another card.

Archers call my two militiamen Ying and Yang. I can not put Ying “on the lookout” while Yang does something, then decide during the second action to activate Ying Yang!

Multi-card and figurines shooting
When several shooters rely on the same card, and the player announces a shot for each figure, he must give the target and the estimate for each of them before any measurement. It solves the shooting jets after each other but the shots are simultaneous. Thus, if several shooters are targeting the same enemy and that it is out of play after the first throw shooting, other gunmen still shot on target and spend 1 AP. It is not possible to redirect shot on another model.

Ying and Yang reported a shooting on a thunderraven warrior already wounded:
I think the distance for Ying and Yang, then measures to check.
I make the two jets and I get a key for each of the two shooters.
A single arrow is enough to kill the warrior thunder, but both reach it.
Yang said he would have done better to shoot another target. But Ying reassures him by saying that thus they ensured the death of their enemy.

Multiple figures and load map
If 2 figures charge the same target, it moves the 2 figures to the target load. We solve the attack of each figure one by one in the order desired by the attacking player. If the target changes in health status when fighting with the 1st figure, it is considered in the second fight. If the target is put out of play when fighting with the 1st figure, the second model can not use his free attack.
It is not possible to redirect the load on another model.

It is clear in this case that the two figures do not play completely simultaneously.

Ying and Yang Warrior charge a thunderwolf:
I check the distance charge (valid) and places the two figures in base contact with the warriorthunder;
Fix it first fight with Ying, who kills the warriorthunder (double weight, it’s time to shout Alkemyyyyyyyyyyyy!);
I do not fight with Yang who used his PA for its charge move but does not benefit carried out the attack included” in the load because its target is already offside.
For their second PA, archers brothers can not move as they made a charge in that round (they can get by against).
Ying Yang told he would have done better to pass the red to give him the pleasure of finishing. Ying adds that in the end, it does not change much …

Multi-fight card and figurines are resolved combat actions one after the other, in the order chosen by the attacker. To advocate a change in health status in the first fight is considered in the following. If a model plays CC inactive when activated, and his opponent does the same, activation of all figures associated with this map is completed, although some of the figures still have PA.

Ying and Yang instructed in the previous round a warrior thunderwolf, I decide to use their first PA to fight:
I would first solve the fight with Ying inflicting two wounds from the yellow wolf warrior thunder. Ying receives an injury.
I will then solve the fight with Yang against the yellowthunder warrior. I choose CC “inactive” (bluff to force the expense of a PA my opponent). Unfortunately, my opponent also chooses CC “inactive”.
Activation of my Militiamen Archers ends. Ying remains “watchful” with 1PA and 2PA with Yang.

After these long explanations you still have questions. Only one address: Alkemy forum