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Championnet Figurines et Jeux, Paris (18ème)

CFJ, Warhammer Forum (of course), forum Alkemy

How did you discover Alkem?
It was by a member of the club shortly after the release of the game … This is to tell you ^^. He sold the game system, I saw the figs and Khalimanes Avalonian, hesitated, and fell for the starter Khaliman at the time. We had to do the 2/3 games with the starters at the time. Then he left the club and I found myself without an opponent, until the arrival of MJOF at CFJ!

Army (s) played (s):
Avalonians especially in Khalimanes other time (I have to comb them properly in fact, I like to play more too unpainted)

Character (s) favorite (s):
Lotharius Avalonians among the Sheiks in Khalimans I find the idea of ​​the fabulous pacifist rule!

Scenario (s) favorite (s):
Arf, not enough experience to judge, since I have not tested them all, and played twice at most …

What you like about Alkemy?
The rules are simple, without headaches, but the game is really interesting to play well and demand to widen the meninges, of kicking back on its lists, work combos etc … I know that I still play very wrong (and then I have no luck at dice, so it does not help!).

Under what conditions do you play in Alkemy?
Since there really is playing with MJOF past year bah we will say that mostly plays in tournaments … For 3 parts against him at the club, I made two ^^ tournaments.

What is your approach to painting miniatures?
I like to piss me off to do the pretty parts. Especially for a game like Alkemy where few figures are needed, where all the pieces are different, and whose sculpture is really excellent.

Do you manufacture game boards or decorations?
Not for two years, but there was a time when we sent heavy with my buddies schtroumpfs when we organized the first Battle of the club tournaments!

What are your favorite Alkemy figures?
The two sheikhs pacifists among Khalimanes well as for playing Ghulams 4 (Dahlia), but also their jarayas. The knight errant, the daughter of Triadic Guards. So much for the figures individually, I find particularly beautiful. After, Avalon, ca really has the mouth as a whole!

Would you like to see in Alkemy?
There was no discussion about a completely barred faction at a time? Frankly, a new faction completely independent, it would be great! (I say this because in fact there are meows in the escapees, and everything about the mercenaries, so in fact even if it can play differently, it does not change too standard “look”)

Would you like to add?
What you and your club made a great job? Frankly, you continue to live the game and community. A big thank you for that, sincerely!