Kingdom of Avalon presentation

Jul 03 alkemy_the_game  

In the putrid waters of the dark swamp Delta Ciar, west of the mountains Morning, languished the field of Mornea youngest nations: the Kingdom of Avalon. Created by a group of alchemists renegades fleeing persecution Triad jade, it is both the youngest and the most atypical of civilizations of the continent. Only one not descend directly of Architects, he was spared the horrors of war, but alchemical was dismissed voluntarily or not, of all the advances that followed the Treaty of Gigage Gadusi. Thus, channel point of Concordia, of Sabek or cordial understanding between peoples in the heart of baronies. Just the hard-won conviction over the centuries that whatever he wants, the people of Avalon can only count on himself, on Obsius that protects Knights Templar and the like Beathacrann that gives them their strength.

But he who appears as a kind of turbulent teenager in the great game of Mornea civilizations is on the verge of explosion. Back to the sea, the Kingdom of Avalon is sentenced to expand and win on its neighbors to continue feeding Beathacrann, to which constantly urges his church. However, this advice might be very ill-advised as the nation Aurlok hitherto quiet and incredibly tolerant outrages inflicted by Avalonniens now seems ready to take the path of war and to strike back.

Yet few people in Avalon to notice. Most are just too busy with their own ambition to notice this change in attitude among their neighbors. Indeed, the king’s death, two cycles ago, has given way to the regency lady Eleanor, who, for any authoritative it may be, can never replace the unit symbol that was her late husband. While all the barons are observed and that no one wants to be the one who sets fire to the powder, the events could well precipitate.