It was once Ibn Ibrahim Suleman

Aug 18 alkemy_the_game  

Ibrahim Ibn SulemanA new model for the Republic Khaliman appeared The renowned Ibn Ibrahim Suleman

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Ibrahim has long lived in the city of Th’Mhénic, where he officiated in time qadi, city judges Khaliman civilization. Then he spent family holidays around the Asfar Desert, Ibrahim saw his life changed when ifrit killed his wives and children, leaving him for dead on the edge of the desert. It took then face the worst infamies because it was very long suspected of murdering his family. Although Khaliman Justice has concluded his innocence, there are many who believe the culprit of these brutal murders. Ibrahim resigned his charge and went to the qadi Asfar desert to be ifrit’qaniss: he had sworn to find the monster responsible for the death of his family and him down. But reached the heart of the desert, he knew what his real place in this world: it had a duty to protect the weak, they are burdened by intangible monsters when unjustly accused of a crime they did not commit. Since Ibrahim turned his back to the desert and returned to civilization: he travels the roads of Mornea looking weak to defend the oppressed and delivering justice to. He has not given up on finding his nemesis. He also recently discovered clues about this ifrit pyritin, to be called Am’n Ayassarr and would be responsible for the recent destruction of the Penitentiary Dent: he would have done well away a handful of dangerous criminals that now the accompany and sow terror and destruction in its path.

Model painted and sculpted by Olivier Bredy