History Aurloks

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Apart from notes made by the Triad, the past Aurloks is known today thanks to their oral culture, perpetuated by storytellers: legend and history mingle se.
These stories always begin with Aurlokan trip that happened on the banks of Nicawa Wosice, fashioned his children with the land muddy marsh. It is not known how long he stayed with them, to tell them the richness and beauty of Mornea, but also their fragility and the need to preserve them. He taught them that every being, every thing, as insignificant could she seem, was important and had a voice, a very small voice that we should listen with patience and respect. They also learned that all life had to turn off to be reborn, the ultimate lesson he punctuated by his departure time ended and he retired for that of Aurloks can begin.

Time to those who sing

In accordance with the wishes of the architect who created them, the Aurloks dispersed to discover the wonders of this green and fertile land which they called Oblaye Itse, “the blue-yellow country”. These movements emerged tribes and learning to migrate with the seasons, accompanying game. By listening to the whispers, the Aurloks came to know stone, flora and fauna of this country that they considered wonderful. They thus discovered the aurochs, a peaceful bovine likely to provide them most of what they needed: food for food, hides for clothing. Anxious to preserve the natural balance of Mornea, Aurloks took the habit of not hunt, fish and gather what their strictly necessary: ​​a habit that is still followed today. When tribes crossed, each telling the other what she had seen and heard, as passionate and mystical songs, sober tribute to the beauty of these lands.

The geographic expansion of the fall of Puebla however experienced a natural limit because Aurloks deliberately limited their migration areas went aurochs, Oblaye Itse. This was the limit of the latter they encountered other peoples.
The cult of beauty naturally closer to the Igmu Gagai the Khalimans, people whose natural paternalism vaguely reminded them the comfort they enjoyed when Aurlokan was still with them.
The Naashtis, Wato Gogeyi constituted an enigma: if they used words included Aurloks, the meaning of their words escaped them. They seemed blind to the beauty of the world.
Then came the smiling children if Oröhm, which has long forgotten the original name and that they quickly called the Henayu Hamaza, Those who wear itsteel.

The time of those who die: War Alchemical

Over the centuries, Aurloks were increasingly dealing with humans, who seemed to share their curiosity, even if they preferred to record their findings on paper rather than telling them. Humans were particularly interested in the strange stones that Aurloks had already noticed, because they do not seem to have a voice. Full of good will, they let humans go Oblaye Itse to mark the sites where there were such stones.

They realized their mistake many cycles later, when humans invaded their land. They were not the kind explorers of old, his mouth full of smiles and reassuring words, but terrible warriors face closed and murderous arm. The Aurloks discovered the concepts of war and murder, but also the terrible power of these stones they believed speechless inert. They then lived the worst time in their history, forced to retreat before the onslaught of an enemy they did not understand the resentment. Victims of their respect for life – even that of humans – and the terrible power of alchemy, the Aurloks not had no choice but to back while trying to reason with those who-are-the-Steel . The intervention of Igmu Gagai and Wato Gogeyi with them is not enough to stop the imperial war machine and, after avoiding the fight for 44 rounds, child Aurlokan realized that their people would disappear because humans cease after the death of the last Aurlok.

Time to those who fight: Gigage Gadusi

The human armies had gradually converges all Aurloks survivors to one place, the plains of Gigage Gadusi. Triad was about to slay his enemy; the Aurloks were preparing to deliver a final last stand. But the night before the battle, the Aurloks were awakened and brought together by four young shamans. They had just been visited in a dream by Aurlokan himself, mounted on a aurochs, a wolf at his side, a raven on his shoulder and a toad in the palm of the hand. These four animals joined them while shamans qu’Aurlokan, without a word, was returning in the mist. Shamans were suddenly awakened: once when they could only hear the murmur of things, they were now able to clearly hear their voices. And four of those voices were stronger, sharper and more determined than any other, requiring them to fight every inch Those who wear it-steel: it was the voices of these animals, four manitous!

Guided by their totems, shaman seized the fourthunder stones available to the Aurloks and began a long ritual, while in trance Aurloks danced around the fire: the first dance of the spirits, which lasted until the early morning they found four dead from exhaustion shamans. When Those Who are the steelconverged Aurlok the camp, they faced not one but people fleeing a pack of furious warriors to the devastating rage, whose very appearance had taken animals traits of one of manitous came to the rescue: the appearance we know them today.

Gigage Gadusi was the first defeat of the Triad face Aurloks: alchemical war had abruptly change course. In the battles that followed, a warrior named Ohitika’Ota Aurlok‘s Fire Heaven particularly distinguished. It was even said that the mere utterance of his name was killing those who did not have a pure heart. His involvement swung the course of the war and soon all Aurloks rallied naturally to him, inflicting Triad stinging defeats, so she gave up the conquest of Mornea. Nine cycles after the spirit dance in the same plains where it occurred, Khalimans, Aurloks and Human Triad signed the Treaty of Gigage Gadusi, which put an end to the alchemical war and clearly set out the boundaries between the territory of all three peoples.

The time of those who listen

The Aurloks returned with pleasure in their peaceful way of life and focused on the voice of the things they now clearly heard. With the help of moguls who had placed under their protection, they learned to use stones thunder. Their society evolved: the direct manifestation manitous on the body and the soul of each individual, the clans had appeared and a new social organization instaurait parallel to tribes. For Aurloks, it was indeed a new beginning.

Time passed and Aurloks know now listen to the voice of all things of Oblaye Itse. After decades of continuous growth, alchemy shamans stabilized and moguls are ever more involved in the daily life of the people Aurlok.
The Kingdom of Avalon, which has not signed the Treaty of Gigage Gadusi perpetually tries armed incursions Oblaye Itse: once again, those whoarethesteel openly reveal their true colors! But this time, the Aurloks are ready and do not intend to back down from the threat, even if their peaceful aspirations lead them to seek a way out a bloody war.