General chronology

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Era of Creation

Creation of Mornea and time.
The four architects create the seasons, TheBus and Hannah.

Realization of the fresco. Time freezes.

Bris fresco curse and architects. The time is resumed.

Architects separate and give birth to their children, the four nations of Mornea.


Era of peace (x -754)

to 10: Orhöm / Dao says Heavenly tournament.
5: Orhöm / Dao dies, leaving men with the burden of being the most powerful nation of Mornea.
1: The Celestial Empire Dao becomes the empire of the Triad jade and imperial calendar is adopted by Khalimans Naashtis and to promote exchanges between peoples.
33: Aurlokan leaves his people for an unknown destination. This cycle is a cycle of mourning for Aurloks.
76: Ideological divergences arise within the Triad but the initiators of these alternating currents disappear.
v. 100: War of the three khalimanes lines.
v. 110: Installation of the Sisterhood to Hammarat.

111: Creation of the Republic and the Senate khaliman.
317: Shipping Astral Serpent reaches the confines of a vast desert east of Mornea and mysteriously disappears.
318: Appearance Yu Cheng of a survivor of the expedition of the Snake Astral, a young man named Hao who founded the Blighted Moon.
686: Men are discovering the alchemical properties of stones and undertake to map all the resources of Mornea jin through terminals.
722: The first basin Khalim breaks.
740: Chronic khalimanes noted the end of the climate of harmony that gradually gives way to resentment and envy.”

Era of alchemical war (754 – 814)

754: The Triad brings together the heavenly host and his legions to conquer the continent.
754: Beginning of the conquest of Oblaye Iste, the territory of Aurloks.
v. 755: The oracles khalimanes discover the property alchemical stones.
766: The Breath of the Dao school creates chimeras.
783: The second basin Khalim breaks.
783: Exhausted by their colossal losses, Naashtis disappear from the face of Mornea.

783: Battle of Gigage Gadusi during which Aurloks turn into war beasts.
795: Fatiha, matriarch of the Sisterhood, makes his prophecy. The sun emerges is adopted as the symbol of the Republic Khaliman.
805: Beginning of the civil war in the province of Xidai. Creation of the Templar Order by Tao Chan Mon.
806: Alchemists renegades and their following of Morning crossing mountains.
806: The Kingdom of Avalon is proclaimed king.
814: The body of the sheikhs is created.
814: In the plains of Gigage Gadusi, the Triad signs a peace treaty with his opponents.

Era of the Concord (814 – x)

1149: Start of construction of the Concorde channel.
1097: The western rebels against Baron Marteus II of Avalon.
1195: Cartel Sabre Foundation.
1173: End of the construction of the Concorde channel.
1365: Birth of Abdelan ibn Malikh.
1369: King Disappearance Sander Avalon and the beginning of the regency of Eleanor.
1371: The third basin Khalim breaks.
1371: Evasion spectacular Penitentiary Dent.
1372: Current cycle.