Dahlia ibn Malikh

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The look of the former senator is On him.
What do you think that this expectation brings you good? she said with a small smirk air. Now is the time to act if you do not want to lose everything! It was hard to resist the persuasiveness of Dahlia ibn Malikh.

Although still young, Dahlia senator resigned his position to devote himself to the management of the company of her husband mysteriously disappeared on the canal de la Concorde. She now heads the amber Company, a powerful cartel with numerous trading posts everywhere on Mornea. Despite this particularly early political retirement, she continued with the
Senate his virulent defense of the rights of traders.
Under cover of his company, Dahlia travels the roads of Mornea to investigate the disappearance of her husband. Framed his personal ghulams, she does not hesitate to get involved on the ground to end all injustice she would see with his own eyes.
Beautiful and authoritative, this Khaliman has a very big influence among members of the caste of merchants, not including senators who owe him some services and the many friends she has in the city of Shadukiam. It benefits from the resources of the Company and of amber proves to be a formidable opponent for anyone who would stand in his way.