Combat Cards

Aug 17 alkemy_the_game  


5 in number, these cards represent each of the postures adopted by a figure in the battle. Among the five cards are:
Three cards of attack: Fast Attack“, “Normal Attack” and “Brutal Attack“;
A defense card: “Parade”;
A card that allows bluffing or indicate a stationary state: Inactive”.

On each card, more information is noted:

cc_brutaleThe name of the Fight Card

Normal Attack, Brutal Attack, Fast Attack, Parade or Inactive.

The bonus for Fight Card

A bonus may be granted by the card depending on the one chosen by the opposing player.

The modifier for Reflex

The bonuses or penalties applies only to Reflex fight in progress.

The modifier Damage

The bonuses or penalties applies only to reading Damage to the battle underway.

special Rule

Some cards have a variable effect during the current combat.