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This aberration of nature looked like a cross goat and chimpanzee She seized at lightning speed in various branches brought it to his master. No need to be an alchemist to understand: this monster leaping collected the alchemical components! Despite his sickly appearance, it was very dangerous, I immediately épaulais my crossbow!

The chinges are chimeras from goats and chimpanzees. Known for their agility, their memory and their great sense of observation, chinges are very popular with the alchemists of the Jade Triad. They learn their indeed pick up the alchemical components essential to their rituals and assist in their mystical experiences. A Chinge being itself a mystical creature conditioned to serve the alchemists of the Triad, he never demonstrated superstition or treachery toward his masters.
The comfortable capacity chinges allow alchemists to devote all their time to study and research. They may also have tactical use: a chinges band released in a foreign land can quickly grab all the alchemical components of the area, depriving the enemy of valuable resources for the benefit of the Jade Triad. Whether the marauding chinges are captured or killed: these minions are reproduced cheaply and nobody can question them.