Aurlok Nation presentation

Jul 03 alkemy_the_game  

Oblaye Itse, Aurlok cradle of civilization, is the blessed land that brings to the People of the fall everything he needs: to listen to the world’s children live there Aurlokan the seasons preserving carefully rich ecosystems that flourish there, over their migrations. Unfortunately, this land attracts their lust of other peoples: a lust that quickly becomes aggression.

But the peaceful Aurloks learned of alchemical war: they are no longer those who shrink from the conquest of the Jade Triad can now take the support of moguls and are ready to defend the land they cherish and respect . More united than ever, they are ready to face the challenges of this new world that awaits them.

Their exposure to the culture of other peoples will not be the simplest of these challenges: perpetually confronted with invading Advice Khalimans or multiplication trading posts of the Triad, the Aurloks must focus on their culture, so specific, not to be too influenced by these neighbors so proud of their beautiful civilizations. Be themselves in this race for performance is the current issue of child Aurlokan, especially as Those Who are the steel-again covet their lands to the southwest, Avalon multiplies the pranks in Aurlok territory with the willingness to annex it to its advantage.

While Khalimans seek a peaceful solution to the crisis and that the Triad looks away, anger is brewing among Aurloks and despite the great respect that people have for the life of each, the war songs carried by the breath manitous begin to resonate in the plains. The wise will remember how the war has transformed alchemical this people, so who knows how it will evolve if they are led once again on the warpath?