Am’n Ayassarr, Ifrit Pyritin

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

He turned and a crackling sound, chopped and hoarse, escaped flames subsided, hinting a face embers. Crrrr poor little creatures crrrr you submit in now or perish in the flames of Hécateps. Obey me crrrr and you will become powerful. Crrrr refuse and there will be only death crrrr painful for you.

Am’n Ayassarr appeared suddenly and brutally. It arises through a young novice, Ilhem bint Sorhna when she began her power of simple control exercises. Never before was a Djinn appeared outside the framework of rituals. When it materialized, it was panic, novice collapsed from exhaustion. The most powerful evocative present then tried to force the ifrit but did not succeed.
Am’n Ayassarr is not like other ifrits. It is powerful, much more than many ifrits who have already trod the soil of Mornea. And unlike them, it does not just hide in the Jabaal Ifritt, looking alchemical stone that would allow it to maintain its essence of Mornea. It tracks the alchemists, attack villages and harvest large amounts of alchimiquse stones. He always needs more. The ifrit discovered there is little the existence of a place on Mornea where the stone could be found in abundance. So he decided to set out for Jewels.