Alchemist Miniatures resumes Alkemy

Aug 18 alkemy_the_game  

Alchemist MiniaturesThe title is explicit Alkemy exchange “owner”. What for ? How? Alchemist Miniatures who is it? 🙂

Studio 38 decided not to develop the game as they have a superb Grenoble figurines shop which is their main activity, they did not have enough time to devote to Alkemy. That’s why they told me about current March-April to stop the development of the game and asked me if I was interested in resuming play, their wish is that the game continues to live and be taken over by people who know him well and will want to continue to develop.

Being among the biggest fans of the game, and in relation to personal desires to develop something in the field of play, this proposed takeover for Alkemy was timely. Somehow, it was difficult for me to dream” better … Continue development of a game that I love for 5 years, which I have always believed, despite the storms that passed through is finally a logical sequence in my “journey” from this game, having begun player-fan, locomotive” of the community and eventually became “president” of the company Alchemist Miniatures who gets this fabulous figurines game and incredible universe.

It is in this spirit that we will continue the development of the game, it is passion that guides us. Us is Barbouille, Ben95, Captain Cavern, Elethorn, Emmlef, Méhapito and myself who constitute 7 Architekts” Alchemist of Miniatures. And we are fortunate to have with us some friends and fabulous Galleon group of friends without whom nothing would be possible: Amakiir, Baloo, Blackspear, Boombo, Camthalion, Cenotaph, Ecthelion, Joss, Knightseb, Kurlem, Laerthis, Laurb, Letchaï, Lixa, Lsmassa, Mjof, Olivier B., Slipper, Telrunya, Tween. Forgiveness to those who are not mentioned because we must also reckon with all the messages of support from the community and Alkemy figurine in a more general way.

You will say, the rhetoric is good, but concretely what happens? 🙂
All the while, we worked on a website, since the game had not really for 2 years. On this site, one can find a lot of things: the universe, people, maps, factions, rules with videos, the community with the clubs, player portraits, gaming aids, blitz lists , galleries figures and concepts, diverse and varied downloads. We hope to have worked on a beautiful content that we will continue to enrich the As. A newsletter will be in place, so please sign up to be informed😉

hospitalierOf course for a game figurines, figurines must
Here is a unique model that opens new sub-faction Avalonian “The Temple“: The Hospital of the Temple of Compline.
This figurine is sculpted and painted by Olivier Bredy.

Soon, there will be an online store where you can find the full range Alkemy, whose ancient figurines that we will reproduce. I think you will understand, besides the fact that we are fans of the game, we have matured, reflected this proposed takeover for months with all the passion that characterizes us, as seriously to achieve and do last … Alkemy reborn again!

I count on you to spread the word to shout very strong 🙂